The saddest part of my 6 weeks

About 3 years ago I wanted to get a dog. I didnt want any ol dog I wanted a Boston Terrier. My wife hated the idea. She didnt like the way they looked and she had read they had a lot of health problems,especially with their eyes. At the time we had close to 0 dollars at any given time. I was interning and her job just didnt pay much. This tabled the idea of getting a pure Boston Terrier.


It was tabled until my wife came across a Boston Terrier Rescue group on Facebook. They had a bunch of Bostons and were located in the Houston area. We saw they were going to be at an event about 10 minutes from our apartment. My wife saw one she liked and I did too. We asked if he would be at the event and come to find out he was. Next thing we knew we had a super skinny dog with a ton of dandruff. We took Stevie home and never looked back.



Since the moment we got him we knew he was “special”. His back legs never quite worked right. He had a patch of hair missing from his back. He couldnt jump up and down the couch right. He ate funny. I didnt care though because he was a well behaved dog. He was the Boston I wanted and was the Boston I got.


The great irony of Stevie was the fact I wanted the Boston and my wife didnt yet my wife was his absolute favorite. Wherever she went Stevie was right behind her. I had to remind him all the time that I actually wanted him and she didnt. He didnt care. His love for my wife became painfully obvious when she would go out of town. On the second day she would be out of town he would just start wondering around the house looking for her at all times of the night. On the third day he would begin to take his frustrations out on me. He would go outside to use the bathroom. I would let him back in and he would immediately use the bathroom on the floor. One time he took it so far that he pooped on my foot at the backdoor.


About 6 months ago we started noticing he was being even more clumsy than usual. He was falling down the stair in the back yard. He was being a little more lethargic than usual as well. One night we were getting ready for bed when my wife noticed he had a HUGE gash on his leg. He didnt seem to be in pain but it was deep. He cleaned it up but knew we still needed to get him to the vet. We took him to the vet to get the gash taken care of but also to talk about his health problems. After doing the surgery the vet told us the dog we thought was 7 was “No younger than 10”. She also confirmed his problems were neurological. That obviously wasnt good but the doc told us we would know when it was time.


About 5 months later we had the discussion that no dog owner wants to have. We could see he had gotten worse and he wasnt getting better. His bad days were out numbering the good days. He seemed miserable. He wasnt eating,playing,or doing anything else he liked to do. We had to make the decision to put Stevie down. It was one of the hardest things ive had to do.


My wife and I decided to give him one last party. On his last night we took him to the park down the street. After that we took a ride to go grab him a bunch of treats. We stopped and got him a doggie cupcake. After the cupcake we went to In-N-Out and got him a doggie burger. We headed home and prepared his meal. Once he got to the food he channeled my wife and totally ate his cupcake first. The next day at work was rough as you might expect. My wife and I met at the house. We grabbed Stevie and a bag of Goldfish crackers. He would eat Goldfish all the time so we wanted to make sure he felt safe and comfortable at the vet. The last thing we wanted was for him to be scared the whole time. The vet came in and explained everything to us. An hour later we walked out with one less family member.


That picture was taken right before the vet came in. It is so perfectly Stevie. Got some snacks and couldnt quite finish it.He was a good and sweet dog. I couldnt have asked for a better dog. He was always there for a laugh and always willing to show some love to anyone. He was great around kids and he never gave us any trouble. I hope he is somewhere running around doing Stevie things. It still feels weird to only make one food bowl. Ill get used to it at some point but right now it still feels weird.


Boredom leads to changes

Like I told everyone before, I love golf equipment probably more than playing. Well since I couldnt play for 4-6 weeks the urge to get new clubs crept into my mind.I also decided that I had a bunch of useless stuff laying around. Since I consider myself an expert at getting things on a budget lets go over some of the things I got and how I got them.


Cobra Fly Z+ Driver- I had gotten some items that I was able to take back to a Golf Galaxy and get some store credit. I ended up paying about $15 out of pocket for it. I have wanted one since they came out and 2 years later I was able to get one! It doesnt make much difference though because I suck at hitting driver right now.



Odyssey Toe Up Putter- When I got the Cobra that freed me up the chance to sell my Taylormade SLDR. I posted it online and got an offer for 100 dollars. With this money I wanted to get a nice putter. I had my eye on an Odyssey Toe Up Putter since they came out. 10 minutes after I sold my driver I had put an offer in of 95 dollars for the putter. 2 days later it was sitting at my door.

Vokey SM6 58 K Grind Wedge- With the purchase of the Cobra driver and the Odyssey putter I decided I was tired of the clutter and the extra clubs so I took the left overs to the PGA Superstore and got a trade in value of 95 dollars.I thought I maybe wanted a new 3 wood. I didnt see one that interested me. I thought maybe I could use some new clothes but through my job I already get amazing deals on clothes so it pains me to pay full retail. With that being said I did find a pair of clearance khakis for $10. I grabbed those and made a once more through the used clubs when I saw the SM6. I  picked it up and saw the price. It was $75. I picked it up and grabbed a new grip for my new wedge to reach my  total.

Ogio Ozone Bag- I actually found this at a goodwill for about 2 dollars. I needed something to do one Saturday so I drove over to Ft Worth and visited the outlet. I was on my way out and saw it. All the zippers worked and it was in decent shape. I had always wanted an Ogio. While this one was an older Ogio it was a chance for me to check it out.

Vokey SM6 54 Degree M Grind- With my purchase of the Ogio I had an asset in my Titleist Stand Bag. I liked the bag but I knew it was worth more than the Ogio so I decided to take it to a local store along with my Nike wedges. He shorted me on the wedges but gave me a good offer on the bag. I found the wedge I wanted and off I went for about $10 out of pocket.

Top Flite Gamer Stand Bag- It was Cyber Monday…. Sue me. It was $50. By the way, do you know anyone who may want to buy an Ogio Ozone bag with a slightly broken leg mechanism?

Im back!

In my las tpost I said I would be out 4-6 weeks with a shoulder. After 4 weeks my shoulder still hurt but I couldnt keep myself out. I grabbed a wedge and my putter and took a trip to the short game area. I obviously took it easy but it did feel nice to hear the sound of the ball going in the cup.

After a few weeks I decided to do some of my own research. I had my wife poke around on my back and we figured out where the ultimate pain was. It was in a muscle called the Teres Minor. It isnt a big muscle but when it hurts it can cause some serious pain. I had heard from the massage therapist to put a tennis ball in a sock and use that as a massage ball. I did that. It helped a ton. If you have some pain in your shoulder I highly suggest doing that.

After doing some of the tennis ball therapy along with some other things to loosen the shoulder up, I decided to give it a go. My wife had 4 of her friends over to watch the Gilmore Girls special on Netflix. This was my time to go treat myself to a nice round of golf and not feel bad. Going out I decided to just enjoy myself on the course and not keep score. I had been out for a while and wanted to see how the swing was feeling. It honestly didnt feel like I had missed a thing. The irons were spot on. The wedges were good on every hole except number one. I thinned one across the green. On the next shot I stuck it to 4 ft.

The bad news coming from that round of golf was my driver. As I chronicled before I am struggling to get off the tee box. No matter what driver I play, I am struggling with a big slice. I am hitting it high on the face as well. I am hitting my driver with the same results as a 6 iron. 6000 RPM and 21 degree launch. This is leading to a 215 yard driver with a massive slice. At that point I am grabbing 4 iron and hitting it the same distance. I know where the 4 iron is going as well. It may be time for a lesson or 5. I usually know what I am doing wrong but honestly at this point I have no idea.

Over the next few days Ill give some updates on what exactly I was doing while I was gone. Some of it is cool some of it is sad but I promise youll enjoy reading it!