4-6 long weeks

I  mentioned a few weeks ago the fact that my shoulder had really been bothering me so I went and got a massage. It helped me feel better but about 2 days later the pain returned. After much convincing by my wife I decided I should probably go get it checked out.

All day I couldnt help but think the worst. This was going to require surgery or some other very dramatic stuff. I asked my wife to show up and accompany me during the visit. I got called to the back and had to go through all of the vitals. I got my height measured. Still 5’7″. Go tmy weight checked. 222. Down 6 pounds the past 2 weeks. Woo Hoo! Then I headed back to the exam room. There really isnt anything much worse than waiting in that room. You are just sitting there. Its quiet and youre tempted to touch EVERYTHING. After about 5 minutes the doctor knocked on the door and began asking me questions. It was the very basic questions. When did the pain start? Where does it hurt? After the questions he decided to do some physical tests. I had to turn my arm and he would poke and squeeze on my shoulder. At one point he squeezed my shoulder and my leg started kicking involuntarily. At that point my wife busted out laughing and said ‘Yeah! I think that one hurt a little!” After the tests he told me that he thought it was tendonitis and I needed to take some time off from golf. The repeated impact off the turf was doing bad things ot my shoulder.

At this point he looked me dead in the eye and said “No golf for 4-6 weeks.” I looked outside and felt the perfect temperature and thought ”DAMMIT!” My wife looked at me with those eyes that said “Dont even think about finding a way to get out of this.”. I do have a tournament on Monday that my wife and I agreed I would still play. I couldnt believe what I heard. 4-6 fricking weeks

All day yesterday I couldnt help but try to find ways to get out of it. I asked my wife if I could just try putting and chipping for the time being. She said basically told me good try and that she wouldnt even allow that. What does she know though she will be in Vegas next week. In the words of Coach Kline “What momma dont know wont hurt her”. Wait. I think she reads this sometimes…

Well I’m off to find something to do for the next 4-6 weeks. Wish me luck. /

Not so fast my friend!

I was super excited for this week. It was going to be the return of my golfing idol. Tiger Woods was coming back after 14 months off. I was very excited. I had the date circled on my sports watching calendar. I was ready to write about how great this was going to be. That was until I saw Tiger tweet he wouldnt be playing.

It was heartbreak. I couldnt believe it. I instantly had to rearrange my sports weekend. Honestly this week I didnt expect a 10 under performance and a top 10 finish but I was excited to get Tiger back. He said after a great week at Hazeltine (USA! USA! USA!) he didnt believe his game was up to it. I can understand that especially from a guy who expects to play at a certain level. That doesnt mean I am not upset but I get it.

Here is to Tiger getting it right and giving us a few more weekends of vintage Tiger. The man has won a major on one leg. If he can get back to 50% of that its going ot be exciting. Here’s to Tiger and golf in general!

My favorite DFW courses

This is going to be a very DFW heavy article today. Today I went and played one of my favorite courses in the area. Its a great track and it made me think about what my favorite courses in the area are. My list will be a little different than some of the others youve seen.

I wont sit here and lie and act like I have played the best courses in the area. I am what one may say a budget golfer. I have played quite a few courses though and will base my rankings on value and quality. Its a unique way to rank courses.

  1. Woodbridge– This is the course I played today. I may be suffering from recency bias but in the two times I have played it the course has been in great shape. The first time I played the course the Wylie area was hit with softball size hail. Considering that I couldnt believe how great the greens were. Today the greens rolled true and the fairways allowed pure strikes. It was a great experience. When you play some of the courses I do a nice lush fairway is very nice. Considering I payed 19 dollars for a Sunday round I cant believe the value. The only negative is driving to Wylie
  2. Tangle Ridge–  The course was great. I honestly dont think I have played a course in better shape than Tangle Ridge. It is in a nice community alongside a lake. The lake didnt come into play on the course. The houses didnt line the fairway which is nice. There was a good amount of elevation change as well. It gives a nice view. I paid 35 dollars for a Saturday round. If you told me I could go with 2 rounds at Woodbridge or 1 round at Tangle Ridge I would have to say I would go with 2 rounds at Woodbridge. Thats why I have to give the edge to Woodbridge.
  3. Cowboys Golf Club– This is the gold standard of public courses in the DFW area. It is usually around $200 but I got a special for $100. We had to play in January so the conditions wernt the best but I can really see the potential of the course. It was in great shape even for December. It is also nice that everything except alcohol is included. You can grab a soda or a hot dog at anytime. When we got there I had pancakes and my dad decided to have a burrito. It was all included in the price. Thats a good deal. Again when basing this ranking I had to think. Would I rathe rhave 4 or 5 rounds at Woodbridge or one at Cowboys. I have to go with Woodbridge.
  4.  Luna Vista– This may surprise a bunch of people. It is a city of Dallas course. It was renovated a while ago. I have only played it as a renovated course. it is the closest course to my house and work. After 4 PM I am able to walk the course for 19 dollars. Thats right. 19 dollars on a very walkable course. Its a very nice course. The course sits in a flood zone so anytime it rains it is very damp. It sucks sometimes. It makes the course conditions bad at times.
  5. Stevens Park– Another great Dallas course. This course can be expensive but it is worth it. It is a weird quirky course though. The 3rd hole is probably the weirdest golf hole I have ever played. It is a par 4 dog leg right. When I say dog right I mean it takes a 90 degree turn. On top of that the hole goes up about 65 feet. It is crazy. The best part of the course is the views you get of the city. I cant remember what hole but you can look out and see all of the city in its glory. It is breathtaking. The course ran me around 45 bucks. I would rather play Cowboys once than over here twice.


As of now these would be my top 5 courses. It is a great golfing city. I cant wait to play more courses. I have played others but I would have to say these are the top 5. If you are in DFW for a visit try these 3 courses. If you live in DFW give them a go and let me know what you think! If you ever need a 2nd 3rd or 4th let me know so we can tear this city up!


Thursdays are for the First Tee

Thursdays are my night for The First Tee. Going to the First tee motivates me to work hard. I do this for the kids and to see a kid smile when they go from topping a ball to striping an iron is a great feeling. Now if I am being honest I learn quite a bit from these classes myself. Just tonight I learned a couple of drills and few swing tips to help my own swing out.

At a typical class we have three stations. We have a putting station,chipping station, and a full swing station. These are usually some fun games that teach kids a golf skill.

For example last night at putting we played a game that taught distance control by having the kids team up and putt the ball just past their teammates ball while keeping it in a box on the green. The team that did that the most was the winner. If they came up short or leave the box they have to start all over.  This honestly is a great drill for me amateur golfers to work on. Maybe not the big box but hitting a putt then trying to go just past it. Then repeat until you hit the hole. Try to take more and more strokes to get to the hole. Once it gets past about 6 feet it can get pretty difficult. It will help with those 4 foot knee knockers. It will also help you not send the ball 15 feet past the hole.

In our chipping game we decided to set up 9 hula hoops and play tic tac toe. We split the kids up into two teams, yellow golf balls vs white golf balls, and they take turns trying to get the ball to end up in a hula hoop. This one is obviously much harder to play by yourself but find a way to set this game up with some tees on a chipping green. Grab a friend and go play this one with them. It will help you control your roll out and distance control

Finally in our full swing station we told the kids to grab a 7 iron. We told them to pick a target down the range that they thought they could hit with 25% power. Next we bumped it up to 50% then 75% and finally 100%. After that we made them grab a driver and hit it to the same target. Again as you can see we want them to learn how to control that distance. Go out and do the exact same thing. Try to hit your driver at the same distance as your 7 iron.

I have also made some pretty cool friendships. I know some instructors who are always willing to give a quick look at a swing and throw a quick drill to help me out.

I do this for the kids and because I love being out there with them. The excitement some of them have is contagious. It is also scary when you decide to play a game with them and you have to actually hit a good shot to beat them. I also wouldnt be telling you the truth if I didnt say I do it for me as well. Go work on your game using some of the drills I went over today. I bet it helps at least a little. What are some of your favorite drills? Let me know so I can continue the quest!

Sometimes you have to play Husband

In this quest I have to give it up for my wife. She supports me through everything. She doesnt throw a fit when she comes home and all my clubs are laying in the living room. She doesnt get mad when I take household cleaning supplies to clean my golf clubs and grips. She doesnt get upset when I decide to go hit golf balls every night or play golf all day Saturday. Sometimes this means I have to go and play husband.


My wife joined a chorus named the Richtones. They are a world champion winning barbershop chorus. Barbershop has played a large role in her life and therefore it has become a part of mine. About a year ago she said she wanted to check it out. She went to a couple of rehearsals and decided that she wanted to put in the work and join the Richtones. It has taken a lot of work. I have heard the same songs multiple times. I have been asked to leave the house so she could have some quiet time to practice. It has all lead up to October 17th when she travels to Las Vegas to perform at the MGM Grand at the International Barber Shop Contest.

There is something very satisfying about seeing your partner accomplish something they have worked so hard for. I couldnt help but smile when I saw her at her last few shows and she got to perform on stage with a world caliber chorus. She worked really hard at it and did it. I use her to motivate myself to get better at golf. If she can do it I can get down to a 4. I want to get to a 4 so I can qualify to play in the Mid Am.

Playing husband is something I do when needed. I feel Im pretty good at it. I cant wait to watch her perform in Vegas. While I wont be there, I will be watching from my laptop. I am super proud of her and cant wait to see her medal when she comes back from Vegas.

Ill move away from the sappy stuff tomorrow I promise.

Driver Vs Driver

I you havent heard of Driver vs Driver listen up. It is a new show from the Golf Channel. This show is doing something no one has ever done before. The most underrated golf company, Wilson Staff, has decided to give everyday joes a chance to design a driver.  They are setting this show up as a competition reality show. It is a perfect thing for equipment geeks like me to experience.

Its going to be interesting to see how this works. Usually when club companies introduce product it is with some pictures and a press release. It is usually followed up with a bunch of commercials and having the staff players tell us how great it is. This show is going to give us a peek at the ‘dirty work” in golf club design. They will almost be promoting every driver on the show. I want to see how much they edit this to not be too tough on these drivers for marketing sake. It wouldnt be good to have your CEO destroying the concept of one of the drivers only to see it win.

The winner is going to get $500,000 and the driver is going to be put on shelves on Black Friday. The most exciting thing for me will be hitting the club on Black Friday I cant wait to see the design process and how everything must conform to the rules of the USGA. I encourage you to watch episode one. From her eon out every Tuesday I will be live tweeting the show. I will make sure I post things that catch my eye and things I find fascinating.

Guys quit reading this and go watch Driver vs Driver. The next episode is October 18th at 10 Eastern time.

The Weekend Round Up

Lets start off with the best part of this weekend. Sunday at the Ryder cup had me hooked. If you didnt watch let me help you understand why it was the most riveting sports event of the weekend.

Rory Vs Patrick Reed

Look at the finger wag directed at Rory. It was great and did so much to get the excitement going. They were covering up each others birdies. Noone had a huge lead. It was spectacular. I was glued to the TV. Next thing I knew it was 4 PM and the USA had clinched the cup. It was about time the US won as well. The event had been dominate dby the Europeans recently and the PGA of America put a lot of effort into this Ryder Cup. A loss would have been a huge blow to the USA going forward.

Luckily the Ryder Cup was this weekend because I had to take the weekend off from hitting the course. My shoulder has been killing me for a few weeks. I decided to take the money for a green fee and put it towards getting a nice massage. I went and saw a massage therapist and let me tell you it was great. She did some cupping a smad epopular by Michael Phelps. It felt weird but I will say it seems to have worked. Sunday I felt like I had gone 12 rounds in the boxing ring I was so sore but nevertheless I felt better. On Sunday my wife commented that I was walking taller and had overall better posture. The therapist recommended some stretching,foam rolling and some other exercises to help get out what we didnt have time for in the office. I hope to stay limber and get this pain out of my body.

Overall it was a great weekend. I got to do something I wanted to do for a while while also making my body feel better. Im off to go do some stretches and get this back pain away.