A nice pampering

A few months ago I went and got fit for a putter. I was told I needed a face balanced putter 3 degrees flat. I could have bought a Ping Ketsch. It worked in the fitting. I thought about it but I wanted to check all of my options.

A new putter may not fit the budget

One thing about this blog is I like to do things on a budget. I usually search for my clubs to be owned. Knowing that I needed the club to be bent 3 degrees was going ot make my search difficult. Most people dont order putters 3 degrees flat. That obviously means people wont be trading in putters that are 3 degrees flat.  Putters dont always bend easily. One day while looking over the information I remembered a putter that we used to have at the golf school I worked at. It was a brand named Kirk Kurrie. They were known for their putters being custom fit for the lie angle. They have a special neck that allows them to be bent easily. They would arrive to the shop very upright and very long. We would be able to cut them down to the playing length and then bend them easily for the lie. They were also face balanced. At this point i was very interested and decided to start on my search for a new putter.

Lets see what we can find.

For the next few days I began to search for a Kurrie on ebay and craigslist. I was getting some luck but nothing that I was too intrested in. On Thursdays I have the First Tee and on my way I pass a great little golf shop. I stop in on a weekly basis to say hey and see if they have anything. It is never a bad thing to know people at your local golf shop. As I walked in I went straight to the putters. I took a look at some Scotty Camerons and some other high end putters. As I am looking around I saw an old rusty putter that looked familiar. I pick it up and I see the name. It said Slazenger. I looked at the bottom and suddenly it hit me. I see Slazenger by Kirk Kurrie. I took a look at the price tag and saw $10. I took it up front and paid. When I took it to the First Tee I could tell I was going to like it. A few days late I went and got the lie adjusted and put on a new Super Stroke grip. The next round I was draining everything. To make sure it wasnt a fluke I took it to the next round and again couldnt miss.

It works. Now lets make it pretty

At this point I decided I wanted to keep this putter and possibly make it look better than it looked before. I started to do the research and after looking I realized it was going to be pretty close to $100 dollars to do this. That was probably a little more expensive than I wanted to spend. As I kept looking I found a place called Custom Craft Golf. I saw the price was $60. I also saw they were local. I stopped by the shop and asked to see some of the various finishes. I was happy with what I saw. A week later I dropped it off and was told it would take 7 days. 3 days later I received a call telling me my putter was done.


The anticipation was killing me


Yesterday I drove over and picked up my new toy. He pulled it out of the back and I was amazed. The putter was a torched finish. Depending on the light it would be blue and in others it would be brown. In a different light it is purple. I also made sure they did the paintfill as well. To match my bag I obviously did Red and White. I have a one of a kind putter that no one else has. I see plenty of Ping Ketsch putters out on the course. I have never seen a custom torched Slazenger putter. I cant wait to get it on the course. Take a look at some of the pictures I have of it.



Long time no see

I know I havent written much.The weather hasnt really been cooperating. All last week we had nothing but rain. The rain ended up closing the course right by me. I havent been able to get out to the course. It also didnt help my wife was leaving for 9 days

This is where my PGA Superstore membership comes into play. Despite the fact that it has been raining I have still been able to get some practice in. During my last round the new driver got a little sideways. I have been working on that on the sim. Another great aspect of the PGA Superstore simulators is the fact you can pull up video. I saw I was getting a little outside to in and that was causing my cut. I am really trying to work on it right now.

Another problem I am having right now is the spin on the driver. The SLDR is generally considered one of the lowest spinning drivers ever produced. Despite this fact I am still spinning this thing like a top. I am actually hitting it a mere 5 yards past my 3 wood. I need to get it out on the course


Overall I am happy with the direction my game is heading. Everything seems to be coming round and I am starting to put up good scores. Unfortuanetly the handicap is heading the wrong direction for some reason but at the start of the season it was lower than it should have been due to some low scores when I was playing often. I am around a 9.5 right now. Once i get that down to a 5 I will start playing some competitive tournaments.

A big deception

A few weeks ago I cam across an article that really annoyed me for some reason. It was an article on another golf forum. It was the announcement of a study done by Golftec and it was going to show the results of a study taken over many years that compared how pros swing to how amateurs swing.

download (29)

So much hype

The title of the article is GolfTEC’s groundbreaking study shows why you aren’t a pro golfer. If you want to read it then click the link and it will go into details about the study. As i was reading I thought it sounded interesting and was like lets check out some data. I went over to the Golftec website excited to bust into some pros numbers and some high handicaps numbers. I wanted to see video I wanted to see some data. What I got was 5 side by side views of how a pro looks when they swing vs an amateur. All poses done by the same guy. This screams BS to me. Then to try and throw you a bone they show you a pro golfer. 46 year old Shane Bertsch the 189th ranked player in the world. They also show an 8 handicap and a high handicap. One problem I have is the fact they have 6 parts of they swing that they measured. They have each players measurements and they have the tour average underneath that. We dont know which tour or tours. They also have the numbers color coordinated. Green is close to tour average yellow is acceptable and red is bad I assume. When I look at the Tour pro he has 4 green 1 yellow and 1 red. Then I glance down at the low handicaapper and he has 4 green and 2 yellow. No red. So based on this I am to believe the low handicap is closer to the tour average than the tour pro. At this point I was skeptical but now I really dont believe it.

download (28)

Women and men shouldnt be compared in golf

Another big flaw is the high handicap player they used. They used a woman golfer. They compared her to the same tour averages as the other 2 golfers. this is flawed because I would assume ( I could be wrong) that the averages on the LPGA tour are different than the PGA tour. Their impact hip turn could be vastly different than a PGA touring pro. If I am supposed to believe that they took averages from every tour and put it as the tour averages here the numbers are incredibly flawed. Some women have a few things that get in the way of a golf swing that can limit a shoulder turn or the tilt of a shoulder. Women golfers tend to be more flexible. Again I am speaking in generalities here but it shouldnt be over looked. Comparing a woman to a man when it comes to a golf swing is stupid.

images (7).jpg

Trust us, we know what we are talking about

A big takeaway from this for me was in the FAQ. Golftec has been teaching since 1995. They have a theory they teach. After all of this research golftec has “not changed in anyway since this study” this makes no sense to me. If you have all of this ground breaking information I would want to make sure I am teaching it perfectly. Golftec is saying they have been teaching correctly this whole time. What they are saying is that they have been teaching you the correct way this whole time and to keep seeing them.

Marketing hype is real

Golfers are bombarded by marketing everytime a new club comes out. We are told that every club will get you a bunch of extra yards. It will make you hit it 320 yards and hit it perfectly straight. We all know that wont work everytime. This is no different than any other marketing ploy. You can have a perfect hip turn at impact but if you are still coming over the top and cant shut the club face at impact you still wont be great. If you swing the driver at 85 MPh you wont be a tour pro. Thats why you are not a pro. I am not a pro because I cant putt and I dont hit it 325 yards. No amount of hip turn at impact will help me with that. Im not saying Golftec is bad or good what I am saying is the way this data has been presented is terrible.

A good spot to be in

I am always on the search for the newest club to help me lower my score. I love new (used) equipment. It makes me happy and I love the search. Well I have reached a point where I am happy with all of my clubs and dont get interested when I look at other clubs.

This has led me to buying new things that arnt golf clubs. For example a few weeks ago I noticed my local Academy store had my E5 golf balls for 20 dollars. That is a crazy good price. I bought a dozen a few weeks ago. Well I need a new golf glove and decided I could use another dozen golf balls. Through the use of some coupons i ended up with 2 dozen E5’s from academy for 30 bucks. Since I got the bag in order a few weeks ago I havent bought a single club but I have bought

  1. 3 dozen golf balls
  2. A push cart
  3. Large bag of small tees
  4. Membership to PGA Superstore players plus

For once in my golfing lie I feel I have a set that can move me forward. My wedges are great. My irons are great. I have finally found a driver to maximize my distance. I got my putter custom fit for me and I found a golf ball that performs how I like. Look through my golf bag I have a couple more purchases before I am fully content. I would like a new golf glove. The one i have is wearing out in the thumb. Its still ok for a while but I will need a new one soon. I may also look to find a pair of shoes on closeout. I love my pair of Trues but the nubs are wearing down. I dont get the grip I used to with them. Well Ill let you know when I find something and also what I think of it. The game is trending the right way so keep up with my quest.

Time to go for a walk

Yesterday I wrote about my new push cart and how I was ready to start walking the course. I was going to do it for some money savings but I also wanted to get some small health benefits as well. Well Monday was one of the first times I have ever walked and it was an experience.

Here goes nothing!

I walked up to the pro shop getting ready to play. On a holiday Monday it normally would have cost me 37 dollars but the walking rate was 22 dollars. In my mind that was a new golf glove or even some more golf. In preparation I got brand new insoles for my shoes too. I knew walking 6 miles was going to do some damage on my feet. When I walked up to the clubhouse they told me to hurry up and join the group on the tee box. I will blame my first few holes on the fact I was really rushed.

How was the cart?

The biggest observation I had was how much easier it was to read chips,pitch shots, and putts. This is because you approach the green from the front for the most part. You pick up the contours of the green and the course much more this way. It was very interesting. I also realized how much sitting around there is when you are in a cart. When you are walking you reach your ball and its pretty much time to hit. Things are constantly moving. Now everything sounds good so far but I do think a nicer cart would have helped with some of my problems. I didnt really have a great place to put my water bottle. It went in my bag but I would have liked a lace on the cart. I also didnt have a place to put my cell phone. Granted I didnt use it the whole time but if my wife called or something i would still like it with me and not in my golf bag. I dont want to go to my bag every time I want to see it. My partner had a nice Clicgear with all types of accessories. Maybe if I show a commitment to walking I can convince my wife to get one.My other partner had a nice Sun Mountain. Also a very nice cart and a big upgrade over mine.  I will say my feet were shot. On hole 5 I texted my wife “Whos stupid idea was it to walk?” On the back 9 I was looking for every bench possible. That being said I dont think it messed up my game. I actually shot better without the cart than I did with the cart. I shot an 81. Again I really believe walking helped me get a feel for the course. I was putting and chipping so well one of my playing partners asked if I played high school golf. I said I played one tournament my senior year and shot like a 106. I had just started. Somehow I didnt finish last. He responded that he thought I did because I seemed like I learned the game the right way. Putting and chipping were my strong points. The noise you hear coming from the Waco TX area is from my dad and his friend Mark laughing at that sentence.

How was the course?

The course was soaked. Luna Vista sits in a pretty bad flood plain and is surrounded by a reservoir. When we get a little rain it will flood out the course and they usually close one side. Well on hole 2 I hit a great drive. I was 280 out and decided to go 8 iron and follow it up with a pitching wedge in. I pure an 8 iron down the middle of the fairway when all of a sudden I see a splash. I knew I wasnt even close to the water. As I walk up to my ball I see this.


My playing partner chuckles and hands me his ball retriever. I grab the ball and hit my next shot. The whole course was this way.  As we walked onto the 10th tee box the manager comes out and wants to make sure we dont get cut in line because the front 9 is closed. They did a great job of keeping the course moving


Overall it was a great experience. The cart is still in the trunk and ready for its next round. My feet hurt and it was really hot but I had a good time. The 81 speaks for itsself I guess. I hope i keep getting these results from walking!







Practice what you preach

I know I can sometimes be pretty cynical of things I read online. I would imagine when you read my series on how to get golf equipment on a budget you probably thought I was a blow hard.Take a look at my newest purchase. It is an Olimar EZ Roll push cart. Its not the newest but I would imagine it sells around 60-70 bucks and I grabbed it for 15. It was new without box. I had to cut the zip ties on the straps and the tires were brand new. I was super excited.


How did I get it?

I was searching for one on craigslist and wasnt having much success I found a couple for $30-50 but that was more than I wanted to pay for an experiment. Well I was watching Tv when I heard an ad for 5 miles. I thought what the hell. I downloaded the app and searched for Golf. Nothing was coming up that I was interested in. I woke up on Saturday and had a notification from the app saying there was new golf items. I opened up the app and there it was. I sent a message to the buyer and we agreed on a price. 2 hours later I was the proud owner of a new push cart.One things I loved about 5 miles was the fact it was all handled through the app. I didnt have to send an email. It was like texting someone. I dont know why but it felt much more secure. I have no problem using craigslist but this was a great experience 5 out of 5 stars for 5miles

Why did I get it?

To be frank I wanted it to save money.If you have read this blog at all you know I dont like spending money. Last week I wrote about my twlight round of golf at Luna Vista. The one where I shot 13 over with 11 pars. When I showed up I was told my fee with cart was 29 dollars. That seemed fair but I decided to do some research when I got home. What I found amazed me. The green fee was only 14 dollars. That means I spent 15 dollars to use a cart. A cart DOUBLED my fee. Hell for the price of the cart rental I bought my push cart. I like to spend my money on playing golf not using a golf cart. It amazed me how much I was paying for that cart. I decided no more. I went and bought the push cart.

A couple of days ago I played my first round walking with the push cart. How did it go? Read tomorrow. Ill give a first impression of the cart and what its like to walk the course when its 92 degrees and sunny.