Eenie Meenie Miney Moe

So a question was posed to on a message board. It was “Would you rather hit drives of 300 yards down the middle every time or make everything within 10 feet.” Each one of these will give you a big benefit obviously. I just want to figure out which one would do the most good. We all know the phase “Drive for Show and Putt for Dough”

With my last round I said putting would have helped me go low. For me it really depends on how the round goes. In this past round I could have used 10-15 foot putts falling all day. In previous rounds getting off the tee box would have helped. When I looked back on my past rounds I found some interesting items that may make me give an answer that mmost wouldnt.

Drive for Show

In my past 5 rounds I have taken 13 penalty shots.That comes to 2.6 strokes per round. That may not  seem like much but that truly is a large number. This also doesnt include the drive that ends up in the woods that I have to punch out. This is strickly lost balls. When accounting for that I am looking at yet another stroke lost. This can add up to another 1 or 2 strokes. Now we are at around 5 strokes per round. Thats the difference between mid 80’s and high 70’s. Statistics also say that the closer you are to the hole the closer you will end up to the hole. That probably sounds pretty obvious. Getting closer to hole would possibly negate being a bad putter. If i am closer to the hole it can elimatinate a few putts. Now I am lowering my score by maybe another 3 or 4 putts. Also when I miss a green I will be missing it by less. Making an easier chip. This can allow me to chip it closer and reduce putts again.

Putt for Dough

Anyone who has played with me would tell you the worst part of my game is putting. Im terrible at it and it hurts my game and scores. I cant line up putts, I cant make a consistent stroke, and I cant judge speed at all. I would love to just walk up to a green and know its going in.  The big thing for me is wondering if I can save strokes. What I mean is how often will I get it to 10-15 feet from an iron. If I miss a green I will have to hit it close. I feel I would still 2 putt quite a few greens. This would save me the occasional 3 putt. I would get the occasional savings on putts that I wouldnt make. The average amateur makes 31% of putts from 10-15 feet. Increasing that to 100 percent would be very nice. Again my only question is how many of those do I face in a round. I dont believe its very many. Getting up and down would be much easier.

After looking at the stats I think I would go with the driver. I know this doesnt seem to fit the narrative of drive for show and putt for dough. I believe for your average amateur driving for dough would fit better. If it takes you 6 to get onto the green it doesnt really matter if you can 1 putt. I think on the tour that phrase is perfect. On tour everyone can hit it far. Some further than others but what makes a big difference for them is the ability to putt. Since not everyone on the course is long distance and control off the tee would bring the most benefit


Woodbridge Golf Club

In yesterdays post I spoke about my round at Woodbridge Golf Club. The round went ok but I wanted to give a more thorough review of the course. Since this is my first course review let me tell you how I will break it down

I will start with some basic course information. Next up will be the clubhouse and grill. Ill  move onto the practice facilities. Next I will break down the Front 9 then I will move onto the back 9. We finish it up with some final thoughts.

Woodbridge is located in Wylie, TX a suburb north of Dallas. I live pretty close to down town and it took me about 40 minutes to get there. I used golfnow to book my round and paid about $20 for 18 holes and a cart. With a price like that i was a little worried about the course.Its not everyday that you see a Saturday round for $20. When I pulled into the course I was impressed by the club house from the outside.

Club House and Grill

I walked into the club house as a tournament seemed to be finishing up. This made it a little difficult to get to the pro shop but I wasnt complaining. The man working the pro shop was super friendly and helped introduce me to the range. The staff was very nice. I decided to head over to the bar/grill and check it out. It was fully stocked with liquor and beer. It also had your basic golf course food. Hot dogs,Hamburgers,sodas,powerade,and some snacks. Prices also seemed very reasonable. Overall it was very nice.

Practice Facilities

I bought a small bucket which bought me about 50 golf balls if I had to guess. I was directed to the ball dispenser on the range. As I walked up to the machine i noticed no baskets. This was a little confusing. I couldnt find any so I had to actually ask someone if they were done with theirs. They had 5 balls left so luckilly they were.  This obviously didnt make me too happy but I grabbed my golf balls and went over to a very crowded range. This was also frustrating because they had half the range closed. It was pretty cramped but we had to make due. The grass was pretty good and in good shape. When I was called for the 10 minute call. I went over to the putting green. The putting green was huge and had plenty of holes in it. The putts were rolling true. As I was walking to the tee box I decided to hit the chipping green for a few shots. The green was COVERED in yellow range balls. I dont necessarily know if the course was to blame but it defiently was not good. I think they should have one person out whos only job is to monitor the practice area. Normally courses take care of this pretty easily but the club house was a little bit away from the clubhouse making this difficult I assume. This area was a little disappointing


Front 9

I was riding in the cart with a guy who was playing from the tips so I decided to do the same. This gave me a little bit of a challenge. The first hole was a 431 yard par four. I hit a weak fade and ended up just off the fairway to the right. This left me about 185 out. I took 5 iron and ended up off the back of the green. Chipped up 2 putted for a bogey. Hole 2 is a nice long 196 yard par 3. I flaired my 4 iron out left and ended up in a creek. It was a very pretty hole from the tee box. The creek was hidden but looking at the hole map it was noticeable. It was a difficult but fair hole. Where the course really gets difficult was the par 5’s The first par 5 on the course is 573 yards from the tips.  It wasnt overly difficult just long. It had bunkers in the back as well as a bunker up front. Hole 4 brings another par 3 at 177. The hole has a creek up front. Another gorgeous hole. Hole 5 is another par 4. It is tight off the tee box. Trees line both sides of the fairway. A good tee shot leaves you about 140-160 in. Depends on the club you take off the tee box. A creek is up front (Notice a theme?). It requires another strong carry and its better to go long. 6 is a 483 yard par 4. Another long tee shot is required. Water sits right and 3 small bunkers are on the left. The smart play is to hit three wood off the tee and lay up to the sand. Leaves about 190 out. Take 4 iron and knock it close. A par was a good score. 7 gets us to a long par 5. It was another very pretty and tough hole. All you can do is hit it as well as you can. Guess what? There is a creek guarding the front of the green. I didnt really make much of it on the course but it is really a crutch they seem to rely on. I dont mind the water I just wish it was spread out. Everything seemed to be guarding the front of the green not the back. Hole eight was a very short par 4. It would have been reachable from the Blue tees for me but from the black tees at 313 it was just out of my reach. They did a great job of protecting the green from the tee box. It also made it kind of dangerous. They made the most direct route protected by water but also a giant tree. The looked like it was righ ton the green. In reality it was about 50 yards away. This did create a dangerous situation for us on the green. We were putting when suddenly a ball comes flying onto the green. From the tee box the green is not visible. After we yelled they all stopped hitting. Noone was hurt thankfully. Hole 9 is a wide open go big or go home par 4. Nothing hard or difficult at all. The ccourse was gorgeous throughout. The trees were beautiful and so were the creeks. The course was in surprisingly good shape. I say surprisingly because Wylie was hit with softball size hail about a week ago. Many of the courses on the course were having new windows or roofs installed.

Back 9

The back 9 was a lot of the same as the front. It was LONG. The back 9 includes a hole that played at 612  and another that played at 521. It was crazy. The 612 yard par 5 had water that almost forced a lay up. My playing paartner hit a beautiful shot blind over a mess of trees over the water.It was risky but it ended up perfect. There was also a 452 yard par 4. The longest par 3 was 210 yards. This 210 yard par 3 was protected by water on the front side and the back just fell off into a deep bunker. Again it was crazy. It did make me use some clubs I dont usually use. On the scorecard there was a section called mixed tees. I was wondering if that was for a mix use of Blue and Black tees. I was also curious as to which holes do you move to blue and which ones do you move to black. The course really likes to use water and this showed up on the back 9 just like it did on the front. On the back 9 I noticed some little medallions on the cart path. I took a look and investigated it. It was a marker for people to bring the family out and tell them where to tee off from. As someone who supports getting families out ot play golf I LOVE this idea. It makes it easier to play and your kiddos wont hold up the other golfers. All courses should establish these markers and tee boxes. The hardest hole I had to play was the par 4 452 yard par 4. I hit a great drive down the middle and long. This left me about 190 in with a carry of about 175-180 over water. I pulled 4 iron thinking long was best. I struck it very well and saw it take off towards the pin. I walk back to the cart and as we drive up I see I am pin high about 15 feet away. I of course 3 putted for a 5 and that was the maddest I have been on a golf course ever.



The course was great. It was hard but fair. I enjoyed the challenge. I didnt feel the length was too difficult. Especially on the par 5’s you just have to hit 3 good shots in a row. If you do that you will be rewarded. $20 was WELL worth it. I commented to some friends and my wife that it was the best $20 round of golf I have ever played. If that course was closer I would try to become a member and play it every day. the practice area could just use some up keep throughout the day but if that is my biggest knock on the place it must be pretty dang good. I give it a 92/100

Back at it again

20160423_152230.jpgI finally got to head out to the course this weekend. I looked around on and ended up heading up to Wylie to play the 7088 yard Woodbridge golf course. Having not been on a course in the last few weeks playing from the tips was a little scary.

I arrived early to make sure I could get loose and play my best golf. There isnt much worse than your first swing being on the first tee. The swing felt pretty good out on the range. I was making solid contact. My name was called and I headed over to the first tee. After a little confusion I joined the correct group and we teed off. My cart mate was playing from the tips so I decided to make it easy and join him from back there. That was longer than I had anticipated playing from but oh well.

Front 9

Hole number one was apretty straight forward par 4. I flaired it out right but ended up reaching with a 6 iron. I was a little off the green. I chipped it up and sadly 2 putted.Next hole was a par 3. Trouble left. I pull it a little and ended up in the creek. I hit another 2 putts. From here on it was all 2 and 3 putts. The putter REALLY let me down this week. If I could contain the putter I feel I could have scored really well. I was making solid contact and hitting the right places. I avoided trouble and kept the ball in play. I got to end of the front 9 and decided to added up my score and putts. I had a 44. I was very surprised by this score. I felt I hit the ball well and should have been around the 41-42 mark. The putts were an abysimal 19. I had 0 one putts on the front side. I couldnt get the speed right all day.It was atrocious.

 Back 9

It was almost a repeat of the front 9. Solid ball striking followed by atrocious putting. The shot of the day did happen on the back side. I took 3 wood off the tee of a very tight tree lined hole. As I walked up to the ball I shot the hole with my laser and got 160 on the dot. There was a creek up front but at 160 I knew it was a stock 7 iron. Off the club it felt good. The ball hit the green and checked about 10 from the hole. I obviously 2 putted and walked out with a par. It was those little dropped strokes that cost me.  Around hole 14 I could feel myself getting tired. This led to more shots going out a little right. The ball contact wasnt quite as solid. On one par three I nailed an absolute bullet headed right towards the hole. My club that normally carries 200 decided it was going to go 190 and ended up in the creek up front. Sometimes thats the game. After finishing I added up the total on the back and got another 44. This time with 18 putts.

Final Thoughts

It was nice to get back out there after taking 3 weeks off. The putting was awful. It is time to hit the greens and hit them hard. The putter is the one club I have no idea what I am doing in terms of finding whats best for me. I have tried every kind of hosel,length,weight you can think of. None of it works. It is defiently a mental thing at this point. I found out the Golf Galaxy near the house has a SAM putter fitting. It is going to eye opening for sure and of course I will keep you updated

Like I said in my last update big things are coming to the site. I have some reviews coming up and some awesome experiences I cant wait to share with you.

Little Update

Well I will be honest. I havent done much golf lately. Last week was my anniversary so I did the good husband thing. Also the weather was bad here in Dallas. Shout out to all my friends in Houston. Hope you and your families are ok (Consider donating here). There hasnt been much news breaking in terms of equipment either. There has been a story here and there and Ill touch on them real quick.

$1000 Driver!

download (21)

Titleist announced their new C line of irons and drivers. Ill admit they look good. One thing that is kind of funny to me is the fact they are calling it a concept line. Hardly anyone will see these. The only problem is the “concepts” they are introducing are moveable weights and a cup face. Every manufacturer is doing moveable weights. Also the cup face technology is what Callaway has been using for years. So when Titleist does it it is revolutionary and super expensive. It reminds me when Ping introduced the Anser irons. They charged more for a forged iron like they were the only ones who had them.

PXG introduces a smaller still expensive driver

download (20)

It has been spotted on tour. It has fewer screws than the last one. It also looks to be around 440 CC. People who have hit PXG say its good and it now has a tour presence as well. I couldnt imagine paying $700 for a driver. It would need to have a custom shaft and be fit for me at the comapnies HQ. I couldnt do it

Well this post was to let you know I am still alive and kicking. Look out for the next 3-4 weeks. I have somethings lined up that are going to rock your world. I will have a few reviews for products as well as some exciting equipment news. Just stay with me as #thequestcontinues


Bryson goes pro

A name that really started to get some play last week was Bryson DeChambeau. For those who follow golf the name was big before he played with Jordan last week.His unorthadox swing,clubs and hat have been making noise for a while. He is one of the few men to have won the NCAA title at SMU (Boo! Go Coogs) and US Amateur in the same year. Basically this guy is good… really really good.

download (17)

His Clubs

Today was Bryson’s first day as a pro so he could sign a sponsorship deal with a club manufacturer. Normally this isnt huge news. If he plays Titleist he will sign Titleist Taylormade will sign Taylormade. This situation was a little different. Bryson doesnt play clubs from a major manufacturer. He plays clubs from a club maker outside of Austin named Edel. Why does he play Edel instead of a major manufacturer? Its because all of his irons and wedges are the same length. Traditionally clubs have correct gapping by two things. First is the length of the club. companies can change the length of an iron to increase club speed and help you pick up distance. In theory if your clubs all had the same loft but were different lengths the longer of the two would go further. The other way to create the correct distance gaps is by the loft. By changing the loft you can change trajectory and distance. A 24 degree club goes further than a 60 degree because it is using less energy going up than it is going out. Every club in his set  plays at 37.5 inches. They all have the same lie as well.Thats why where Bryson was going to sign was such a big deal. No one knew where he was going to sign and how they would address this unorthadox we found out those Cobra wedges he had in his bag were some foreshadowing. Bryson officially signed with Cobra/Puma golf today. Now at this time he is only playing his woods and wedges Cobra. He played with a set of Cobras a few weeks ago as a sort of test run. Right now he is keeping the Edel’s while it seems Cobra is figuring out how to make a set to his very specific needs.Now why would he want single length irons?  He believes that if you have all your irons and wedges the same length you will only need to have one swing. Its a good theory. I cant wait to see it on the pro level. Speaking of one swing Bryson also has a very unorthadox swing.

download (19)

His Swing

Bryson’s swing is very upright. He set up looks very tense and rigid. Obviously this is not the case or else he wouldnt be where he is now. It is what is know as a one plane swing. Basically he returns the club perfectly to the set up plane every single time. This results in a very straight ball flight and actually creates quite a bit of power. It isnt very pretty if I am being honest but who cares about pretty. We dont play golf swing we play golf. If it works for him then more power to him. It is actually kind of inspiring. We all want the  perfect golf swing. We want to look like Rory when we swing with perfect balance with a picture perfect finish and a nice club twirl at the end. We dont need that. We need our swing that helps us get around the course in as few strokes as possible. Dont go for perfect.go for your version of perfect.

download (18)

His Apparel

Bryson is also known for his hat. Its a unique look that noone else currently rocks. He is also signing with Puma. Known for bright colors and a young vibe. As a younger person I like Puma’s gear. It fits well and looks good too. One of my favorite polos I own is a Puma. Basically I hope this means that SMU logo disappears from his hat. It pains me a little every time I see it. I hope I see more of the Puma.


Basically yesterday was a fun and exciting day for golf equipment fans. We had suspected he was going with Cobra but we didnt know until yesterday. We got the confirmation. Now lets see if he can use his sponsorship exemptions to qualify for the tour like Jordan did. If he can its going to be a good investment for Cobra. They dont have much of a presence on tour outside of Rickie and Jonas Blixt. If he has to take the long way to his tour card it could be a few years until the nvestment pays off


Demo Day Fun

On Saturday I decided to start the day off with a little golfing of my own. In a couple of posts I have mentioned that on various launch monitors my smash factor has been really low. I felt this has been possibly costing me distance. I also have been thinking my iron shafts were maybe a bit too heavy. Swinging 130 gram shafts all day can get tiring. I figured the demo day at the place I like to practice would be a perfect place to go.

The demo day began at 10 and went until 2. With my wife being out of town I decided to sleep in and take full advantage of having the entire bed to myself. I woke up around 10 ready to go. After a shower and some breakfast it was time to hit some golf balls. I grabbed my Driver, 7 iron and 8 iron and headed out to the range. The first stop I wanted to make was the Mizuno tent. I wanted to hit the new JPX iron and also see about the shaft optimizer. As I walk in the guy doesnt say a single word to me. Now I will be the first to admit a younger looking guy with a t-shirt on and a pair of shorts looks like he is there to hit some balls and waste some time. I admit I wasnt planning on buying anything that day but I do get a bonus soon and am really in the market. I started asking him about the clubs and got strictly one word answers. I asked if he had the JPX in an 8 iron. He said no. I then grabbed the 7 iron and it was a regular flex. I asked if he had it in a stiff I could hit. Again he says “No”. I finally found a 6 iron that had a stiff flex in it. I took a few swings and boy did they feel good. The True Temper XF shaft has a nice feel to it. I walk over to the rep to ask a question. Again he hit me with a one word answer. I decided I had had just about enough of him.

I headed next door to the Nike tent.  Instantly one of their reps came up to me and asked me what I would like to hit. I said a driver and possibly some irons. He hands me the Vapor Fly Pro Irons. The had a stiff flex XP 110 shaft in it. They felt so good and went a mile too. I dont know if it was the shaft or the actual iron. The common theme here is the fact I kept hitting the XP shafts and they kept feeling great. Before handing me a driver he asked me what kind of ball flight I typically have. I told him I hit it high.  He asked me what my miss was and I told him I tend to play a little military golf but my big miss is a high weak fade. He handed me the Vapor Fly driver. He said it wont lower my launch but we could try to do that with a shaft change. He said this should help take the right side out of play. I take about 5 swings with the driver and the results could have been better. Very high. The ball also was tending to balloon as well. He put that club back into the bag and moved on to their lowest launching club. The Nike Vapor Flex. It has the rzn on the back of the head and this creates a very distinct sound,feel,look. It produced more of a thwack than a pure metal hitting ball sound. The results I got were great. Mid flight down the middle. While I was happy with those results I still wanted to hit a few others.

Next was the Taylormade tent. I had to wait a few minutes. The reps were knowledgeable and very nice. I hot both the M1 and the M2. Just like in the store I couldnt get the shaft or settings right. I want ot like them because they look awesome. If I could get better results it would be in my bag just for its looks.  The next station was the Cobra station. Now when I did my in store basic review of the clubs the Cobra King LTD was my favorite. Now I got to hit it in the wild. I can say it didnt work for me as well on the range as it did anywhere else. I set it to 9 degree and hit it low. I set it at 10.5 and hit it low. It had no feel to me. That really stinks because I really liked it in store. Next I went dow to the very end and decided I wanted to hit the Srixon irons. Srixon used to be Cleveland. I walked up and asked the rep what would best equate to my current clubs. He said either the z745 or the z545. the 545 was the first I hit with the KBS Tour S Shaft. Oh man that cub was incredible. They flew low and stopped quick. It was point and shoot. I compared it to my irons and they just felt better. I enjoyed my irons but something was different. Again Im not sure if its the shaft or the club face.

After an hour I needed a little bit of a breather. I sat down and enjoyed watching others hit and listening to the reps talk to the various customers. It was nice to see golfers out having a good time trying to get better. I took a ten minute breather and went to my favorite brand…Ping!

I walk up to the Ping tent and the rep asks me what I’m looking for and my game. I gave him the same answers I gave everyone else and he handed me a Ping G SF Tec 10 deg. I knew instantly I was going to hit this ball too high and snap hook it off the face of the earth. 3 high snap hooks later I walkover to him and say it is way too high and I’m snap hooking everything. He told me my move is a little over the top and it would be hard for him to get me much lower ball flight. He handed me the LS Tec and the drives got better. Still crazy high but this was much better. We basically came to the conclusion the Ping drivers just dont work for me. Good thing too. That thing was the worst sounding driver I have heard in a while. Not quite as bad as the old square headed Nike but still bad. My final stop took me to Callaway. The rep again asked me the same things everyone else did. He handed me the XR Pro to start out. Boy did it feel good. The ball flight was a little high but I would have been able to live with it. I heard the clicking of a shaft going into a club head and turn around. The rep gave me the Great Big Bertha set at 8 degrees. I couldnt miss. Everything I threw at it the club handled. It was long and straight. The rep put me on their trackman and I was smoking the ball I was getting it out 285-295. My Adams was hitting it 265. I asked if I could go grab the Nike and compare the two. He said of course. The Nike rep handed me the club set exactly how it was before and actually joins me over at the Callaway tent. I hit 3 solid shots with each. The balls all fell within 2 yards of each other with the Callaway coming out slightly ahead in the distance challenge. The Nike had better dispersion. It is really a toss up but with my connections to Nike I may just have to go ahead and buy the Nike.

All in all it was a good testing session. afterwards I went home and plopped down on the recliner.Because I am a club degenerate I will probably think about this decision for a while. I cant wait to make up my mind and get the new driver. If you have any questions about any of the drivers i hit let me know Ill gladly answer them!




Oh Jordan…

What a weekend! Throughout most of the day Saturday it looked like another Spieth runaway then 17 and 18 happened. It at least got me to tune in on Sunday. I figured Speith would take control and just dominate Smylie.

As Sunday rolled around I checked the tee times and saw Speith would be teeing off at 1:45 central. My wife was due to and at 1:15.Pick her up go get dog food home by two and not miss much. Well lucky me. I got home around 2 pm and hadnt missed much. I plopped down in the recliner and turned on the coverage. My wife who hadnt just gotten back from her girls weekend decided she wanted to nap and even as a golf fan I can say there is no better sport to nap to. She fell asleep and it was just me, Jim Nantz (Go Coogs!),and Dottie Pepper. Watching Speith jump out to a seven stroke lead had me thinking it was going to be over quickly. Spieth looked to be in the zone. He was getting hot with the putter and finally couldnt miss with his driver. He made the turn and then it came apart.

The 12th hole is where it all went to hell. He took a 7. The tee shot was bad but could be excused. Sometimes even the pros leave the face a little open and flair it out right. Where it gets crazy is the second ball he put into the water. He put such a bad swing on it that it looked like it wouldnt even reach the water. As soon as he hit it I went that was fat. Turns out I was right. He laid sod over it like he was a 25 handicap. I have seen bad golfers make that shot. Hell I hit that shot. It wasnt pretty. He grabbed another ball then put it in the back bunker. If he hits that ball into the bunker on his first drop we talk about that shot as one that hurt his chances. It was 3 TERRIBLE golf shots in a row by the best golfer in the world. I have mixed feelings on Jordan. I like him for his attitude and the way he plays. He is smart and never blows up on a hole. I also tend to dislike him for the use of the towel on every shot. Good lord just hit it already. I also hate the fact he is a Longhorn. It pains me to root for any Longhorn.

All you ever hear is how good of a person he is and how hard he works. I have a ton of respect for him and hope this doesnt become his undoing. Luckilly he is 22 and will have plenty of chances at majors. This week we got some good content. I finally tell you about a possible new putter and we had a demo day near me. Ill give you all the details on what I was fit for and what I may be buying.

The S Word

The last few posts I told you I would give you the results of my last round. Well now that the excitement of the Masters starting and Wrestlemania is over I can do that.As I I said in past posts Money is tight with ‘Mania and my wifes trip to Chicago this weekend. The budget allowed for a cheap round of golf so I went to Duck Creek Golf Club.

I walked up to the first tee and yet again striped my drive down the left hand side. Just like the last round. Just like my last round I pulled my wedge and next thing i knew I was watching my ball go off to the right. I grabbed another ball just to see what was going on. Maybe it was a bad swing. The next ball hits the ground and I addressed it. Crack! There goes the ball to the right again. At this point I hang my head and hop in the cart. I walk over and knock a wedge to 15 ft. 2 putt for a bogey. The rest of the front 9 was the same way. Driver out right and couldnt hit an iron to save my life. On a par 3 I grabbed my 7 iron. I actually hit it fairly well. I thought it was going right at the pin. The ball flew the green. Even when I hit it decent I couldnt find a green. I ended up shooting a 49 on the front. I have never been so frustrated on a golf course. I slammed my golf club deep into the mud.

I made the turn and decided to just say forget it. The first tee shot on the back was a snap hook. Thats right I was hitting slices and shanks on the front. One the back I was hitting a snap hook with the driver. This was my day. Hole 11 is a par 3 about 165.. I obviously didnt hit the ball well and left it short and right. I grab my 58 degree wedge and tell myself to knock it close and lets get a par. I hit the shot and immediately knew it was good. A hop later the ball was sitting in the bottom of the cup for a 2 the hard way. This led to a small momentum change. Ball striking got a little better. As I was going around the back the ball was creeping more and more away from the heel and towards the toe. Contact was slowly getting better. Putts were falling. As I pulled into the 18 tee box I had a shot at 89. I needed a par to get there. The 18th is a dog leg left par 4 with the green over water. You have the creek in front of the green and a sand trap on the back side. The bunker isnt deep and hardly has any lip at all. It almost seems its function is to make you decide between the water and the bunker. I stepped up to the tee box and aimed at the 150 marker in the middle of the fairway. Well the weak fade brought back its ugly head on a hole where I did not need it to at all. I ended up 165 out. Well that yardage put me in between clubs. I could have gone 7 iron and try to step on it or hit a choked down 6. With the water up front and my confidence in my short game at a high I decided to go long. I took my swing and it cleared the water. The ball hit the green and just kept running. I yelled at it to bite but it just didnt listen and ended up putting me in the bunker. Now I needed to get up and down to shoot an 89. I grabbed my wedge and took my swing. The ball popped out and landed about 20 ft from the hole. My new putter (more on that later) came out of the bag ready to save my 89. The putt looked like a slight breaker Left to right and it was down hill so I had to baby it in. The putt left the club face and felt good. It was tracking towards the hole. It reached the hole and dipped in the out. It rolled 2 feet past and I had to knock it in for a bogey.

My 2nd or 3rd straight 90 is very eye opening. Going 49-41 is eye opening as well. Most of my iron shots are catching part of the hosel. I am not finishing my swing. I also dont think Im really warming up until hole 8 or 9. Slow play also causes this. My thought is that my swing is WAY too inside. It is requiring a lot of timing and that timing is just off.


Its the best Thursday of the year. No other week of the year do you say “Thank god its Thursday.” With Wrestlemania this past week the Masters has snuck up on me. I got excited for mania then next thing I know I have 3 days to recover and get myself ready for the best golf tournament of the year.

Like I said yesterday my wife takes an annual girls weekend. She leaves on Thursdays and usually comes back on Saturdays. Well this year my wife said she was going on her trip. She gave me the dates she was leaving and returning. I pulled up the calendar and noticed that the week she was going was going to be during Masters week. Wait what? Thats right MY WIFE WILL BE OUT OF TOWN DURING MASTERS WEEK! This weekend I will probably go to the range once and then I will sit myself on my couch. It is time to see the prettiest golf course in the world. I cant wait to sit back and listen to Jim Nantz (Go Coogs!).

I wont bore you with a preview of the tournament. I will try to get you hyped!!!!




Enjoy yourself this weekend! I will try to play a little golf and watch the best tournament of the year. I will give you a quick little update on the tournament then I will break down my round from Monday. I also got a heck of a deal on some new clubs.

What a Weekend

So last week you may have noticed I wasnt giving many golf specific updates. Well thats because my golf money was going to a certain place. I didnt want ot spend money last week so that I could go crazy this past weekend. What was I going crazy for? That would be WRESTLEMANIA!


When I was a kid I watched pro wrestling. I used to waatch it on Mondays until bedtime at 9 then my dad would record the last hour. I would come home from school on Tuesday and watch the last hour. It was always a ton of fun to watch. Well as I got older I stopped  watching.I didnt watch from JR High to Junior year of college. Suddenly my best friends started watching again and I decided to watch as well. When I started to watch I went full in. Eventually we couldnt meet up every week but I did watch it every week. Every week I would go outside watch WWE,smoke a cigar, and have a glass of Bourbon. My wife knows to not schedule me for Monday nights

Watching the show led to me going when it came into town. I would get really good seats and go by myself. I just wanted to go and have a night to myself and watch something hardly anyone else I know was into. God bless my wife she would let me spend what little money we had on shows. It was always a good time. The WWE always puts on a good live show.

That leads me to this past April. I was in my car when it was announced that Wrestlemania was coming to Dallas.  I let out a loud yell and instantly called my wife and said “Im going to go to this. It will cost a lot of money. Just deal.” I know that sounds rude but every year my wife takes a yearly trip to meet up with her friends. I told her I never take a trip like that and this is my version of that trip.


A year later led me to this weekend. My wife knew not to schedule anything that weekend. 20160402_083452_HDRAll day Friday I counted down the hours until Wrestlemania weekend. I went home and just kind of hung out getting ready for the next day. I woke up at 6:30 and got ready. I got ready and went over to the light rail so I could go to the Kay Bailey hutchinson Convention center for Wrestlemania Axxess. Axxess is a giant room filled with Superstars to sign autographs. I am not a big autograph guy but I did manage to find the NXT ring. I watched 3 matches and went through the memoribilia tent. I saw some really cool things in there. A lot of great pieces of stuff from huge wrestling moments. Was it worth the 50 bucks I paid? No.It wasnt but it was still fun. That night My wife and I went to Deep Ellum with some friends and had a really good time.


I went to bed around 12:45 in anticipation of Wrestlemania. I woke up the next morning and started off with the ManiaCrawl. It began at 11:30 I was there right around that time and this was incredible. There were chants being yelled. There were people dressed up like wrestlers. There was good conversation. It was everything i was hoping it would be. (Here is where I do a little plug for them. The group of guys who run it do not make a single dime off of the event. All the money made goes to Connors Cure.  you do nothing else with this post I beg of you to go check out Connors Cure here—get-involved—connors-cure—about- . ) Ok now that I have cried posting that link and watching the video we can continue. I left the pub crawl early so I could get down to Arlington early and make sure I was there on time.

I parked about a mile away and made the trek to ATT Stadium. I found a line that was fairly short and made my way in. I sat down at my seat and despite being in the 400 level I couldnt have asked for a better seat. I have sat on the floor at WWE events and they are the worst seats unless you are in the front 3 rows. Here was my view.


Not too bad right?!?!?! Well the night went on and it lasted 6 hours. I had an incredible time. Some of the matches didnt exactly go how I wanted them to but I got to see a ton of favorites. I yelled like a 10 year old. Sometimes it is nice to be a kid again and sitting in that stadium made me feel like a kid again. It was a lifelong dream and it is just another moment to cross off the bucket list. I dont always like ot brag but my parking spot was better than my wifes cousins spot and they had a parking pass. I beat them home by over an hour. I got to teach them the lesson of “The closer to the stadium you are the worst the parking spot is”

Like the smart man I am I decided to take Monday off. I woke up pretty late Monday and my wife,her cousin,and her cousins husband all decided to go to the JFK museum. They asked if I wanted to go and I said sure why not. We roll up to the museum and the line is out of the door. We go against that and decide to explore downtown. We do that until about 2PM.

Overall it was a great weekend. The best thing I did was take Monday off. I got to sleep in,see some family, and play some golf. We dont discuss the score (We will tomorrow). It wasnt pretty. I couldnt have asked for much more than I got. Now that Wrestlemania is over I guess its time that #thequestcontinues