Sometimes golf isn’t the most important thing

I have taken the last few days off from hitting golf balls, playing golf, or anything else. The weather has sucked, but we also had some doggie drama in our house the last few nights.

This is Stevie:


A couple of days ago, I put him and his sister outside while the pretty lady in the picture and I went to Target. Stevie has always had a little scab on his leg and it looks like scar tissue. Stevie has also been known to fall down the stairs. It happens all the time, and normally it isn’t a big deal. He’ll get up, shake it off, and walk in with some gravel in his fur.  When we let him in, there was the gravel. No big deal. I close the bathroom door to go to the restroom. All of a sudden my wife begins to panic. I hear the fear in her voice, as she yells, “GET OVER HERE PLEASE!” I run out of the bathroom and she is looking at Stevie. His scab opened up, and it was deep. I could see some muscle and possibly bone. We decided to give him a bath to try and clean up some of the gravel that was in the wound. We get it cleaned and bandaged up and call an emergency clinic, who told us not to worry, to take him to the vet in the morning. We put Stevie to bed and head off to bed ourselves.

In the morning, my wife called a vet and got Stevie an appointment at 9:30. While I go to work, she takes him in, where they told us that he needs to be sedated and stitched up. I was in charge of picking him up at 5, once I got off work. Unfortunately, the normally 6-minute drive ended up being 48 minutes. I finally got to the clinic and they brought him out looking like this:



After getting his medicine, we began the 20-step walk to the car, which ended up taking 20 minutes. I loaded him up into the car, where he immediately assumed this position:

20160225_175917  Poor puppy. Luckily, he is home and resting now. I hope these meds wear off soon, because it’s too quiet around here.

Maybe next time I can use my morning off on a round of golf instead of sleeping in after a night of doggy first aid.

Oh Tiger!

I firmly grew up in the Tiger generation. When I was growing up it was basically Tiger or Phil.I was never a Phil supporter. To me Phil always accepted the butt kickings he got. He accepted mediocrity and I didn’t respect that. Meanwhile, Tiger was ticked off when he finished second. I respected Tigers competitiveness and I wanted him to keep winning..

Having worked around professional athletes, I can seperate the athlete and their actions off the field. Is Tiger a Grade A jerk because of what he did? Yes he is. Can I still like what he does Thursday-Sunday on the course. I sure as heck can. As he was going through all of his troubles I was sure he would come back and dominate. I figured he would escape to golf. The drama would lead to more golf,more practice,and no slip in his performance. Little did I know his back was going to tap out.When I kept hearing about his injuries all I wanted was for him to take as long as he needed to heal up. I wanted the Sunday Augusta back 9 Tiger roar back. Golf was better with Tiger dominating.

When Tiger announced he was taking an extended break to have back surgery and heal I was disappointed but also glad because I thought it would lead to getting the old Tiger back. Its what I wanted for Tiger and for golf.I had assumed things were going well until the Secret Tour Pro tweeted that Tiger wasn’t doing well. He can not sit up. He had to get a personal driver so he could get in the car and recline the seat all the way back while traveling. I was disappointed.

Tiger’s people called it a lie. No one really believed it was a lie until this happened


BOOM! Tiger comes back with a giant middle finger to the reports. It was a single 9 iron but it shows he is good enough to swing. This right here is typical Tiger. Everyone says things about him and he goes out and shows them up. I LOVE IT! He still has that Tiger swagger. That Tiger mentallity. I hope he comes back wins another 50 majors and rides off with as many smoking hot blondes as he wants.

The Release Cycle Misconception

“Didn’t Taylormade just release the M1? Why would they release another driver now? Typical Taylormade.”- Random Golfwrx forum member

Taylormade has gotten a bad reputation over the past few years for constantly releasing driver after driver. This reputation is a little unfair, and I’m not even a Taylormade homer. In fact, I don’t have a single Taylormade club in my bag. My statement is based solely on the fact that I’m a golfer that pays attention. If you still don’t believe me, lets take a look at the statistics. Taylormade has always had 2 distinct lines. First, the players line, aka the R line. It features most of the adjust-ability you see on drivers, including weights. The other line is the game improvement line that’s built on distance and forgiveness. Every year Taylormade releases a new driver for each line. It may seem like a new driver is released every 3 months, alas, that’s not quite the case.

images (2)

2005: R7 425

2006: r7 460

2007: r7 superquad, r7 CGB Max, Burner

2008: r7 limited

This is where we see the real seperation of the two lines.

2009: r9 and Burner 09

2010: r9 Super Tri and Burner 1.0

2011: r11 and Burner 2.0

2012: r11s and RBZ ( The fairway wood really did change the fairway wood game. If you disagree with me I will gladly discuss this with you in the comments)

2013; R1 and RBZ Stage 2

2014: SLDR and Jetspeed

2015: r15 and Aero Burner

2016: M1 and M2

As you caan see, Taylormade has always had 2 lines. A distance line and a “performance” line. When ever I hear someone talk about how disgusted they are that Taylormade is releasing ANOTHER driver, I can’t help but roll my eyes. One brand people love to bring up when discussing product release cycles is Ping, which has 2 lines at well. They have the G series and the I series. The G series is their forgiveness line and the I is the “players” line.


2005: G5

2006: Ping Rapture

2007: Ping G10

2008: None

2009: G15, Rapture v2, i15


2011: G20

2012:i20, Anser

2013: G25

2014: i25

2015 G30,G30 LS, G30 SF tec

2016 G,G LS, G,SF tec

There for a while, Ping was only releasing one driver a year, which is respectable. However, they only released one line at a time. Taylormade feels they have new technology, so they push the envelope much more than Ping. Hell, Ping barely has any adjustments on their drivers. They were also the last to offer hosel adjustability.  I am also curious to see what Ping will do now that they’re releasing 3 new drivers a year. At this rate they have released more drivers over the last two years than Taylormade has.

If you look at it through a non biased lens you will see that Taylormade isn’t crazy. They release fewer drivers than Nike,Callaway,Cobra, and now Ping per year. I know its fun to make the joke everytime, but honestly at this point it’s old, not funny, and just plain false.


Gripping Reality

Throughout my time playing golf I have gripped over 100 golf clubs.I have done $1000 iron sets and have done 3 dollar fairway woods. I have used multiple hundred dollar gripping stations and at my current place, I don’t have a table or a vice to do it. I am able to get the grip on without a vice, no problem. Aligning the logo is more difficult, which is why I cheat and put the logo down so you really can’t tell. It’s not ideal but the grip is on. Thats what makes this story incredible.

download (2)

A few months ago, I bought the Cleveland 588 CB irons. The set I bought had midsize New Decade Multi-Compound Grips. Those grips are awful for me. The weight is weird and they don’t feel comfortable. I decided to get my Red Pure Pro’s. I bought a set and brought them home ready to go. My wife was home that night and we decided to watch a movie about the super evangelical movement, so I set up in the kitchen to remove the old grips and tape. Removing each grip was the easy part. Normally at this point, with the grips off, I would hit it with either my heat gun or my propane torch.When using these tools, the tape separates from the sticky part and it comes right off. It really is a simple hack for anyone wanting to do their own grips.But, I was inside. My wife would kill me if I used the torch in the living room, so instead, I decided to pick off the tape by hand, adding half an hour to my routine. After four clubs, my fingers ached. I realized I still had three to go and I cried out in desperation.

When I grip my clubs I add 2 extra wraps. That makes my grip slightly larger than standard but not quite a midsize. When I size my hand for a grip I usually fit into a midsize. Through trial and error I have found out that a midsize is a little to large but 2 wraps is perfect. So, I added on the extra layers, then the grip tape. Then it was time for solvent.

For the sake of my pride, I want to remind you I have done this over 100 times. When working on this set of grips this time around, I used plenty of solvent and worked the grip on quickly. I got to my first grip and filled it up with plenty of solvent, then poured it over the tape. The grip starts to go on perfectly, but then I get it halfway onto the club, and I hit a roadblock. The grip refused to go down any further. I began to panic and started to pour solvent onto the exposed tape in the hopes it will keep going. It didn’t. In an effort to minimize the damage, I started to try and pull the grip off. I even enlisted the help of my poor wife, having her hold one end while I attempted to pull the grip off. Finally,  I set the club to the side. I moved on to the next club and decided to drench it like i have never drenched a club before. The club starts down and…gets stuck. At this point I am saying words that would make a sailor blush. Luckily, I worked fast enough on this one and was able to get the grip off. I look over my shoulder and Grip 1 is mocking me.

I figured now was the time to move this operation into the safety of my man cave. I started the process all over again and managed to get on the next four, successfully completing 5 of my 7 grips. I get the last iron grip on, and I think I’m done. Until I looked at the grip and it had a bulge in it. It looked like a tumor. I’m furious, but at this point, I’ll just handle it in the morning. Its time for my new putter grip. This is an oversize putter grip, so it’s necessary to use a ridiculous amount of solvent. I poured almost a quarter of my solvent onto the grip. The grip goes on smoothly at first, and then like before, it stutters to a stop. I start my sailor words again and actually get so upset I smack my wall and storm out of the house, which required an apology to my wife. I decided just to go to PGA Superstore and pay them to fix it the next day.

After church, where I sought forgiveness for my words the night before, I trekked over to the store. I swallowed my pride and asked them if they could save my grip and reapply it. The club tech looked at it and laughed. He asked, “Who the hell put these on?” I wracked my brain to determine who I could blame this massive screw up on. “I did,” I said, as I hung my head in shame. He looked at it and said, “Man, its only 2 bucks a club for us to do it for you.” I reply, “I know but I usually don’t have a problem doing it.” He laughed and I watched him work his magic. About 2 minutes and 5 dollars later, I was holding expertly gripped clubs, tumor free.

That was truly  a humbling experience. I have never had problem doing this, until that fateful night. I think now I may just pay the 2 bucks and swallow my pride. Once I get a table outside, I will be able to set up a vice and won’t make an idiot of myself. At least while regripping clubs.

The Martini Tee

It’s product review time!!!!! Today I will be reviewing the Martini Tee. This product has been around since 2008.Its an American company that is based in Michigan. They have created a special resin that is “virtually unbreakable”.They say virtually unbreakable because anything can happen. I have used these tees for 6 months and I think that’s plenty of time to give you a great review.



As I stated above, I have been using these tees for 6 months now. The big point i want to make is the fact I have been using the same 3 tees for 6 months. That’s right I have been using 3 tees for 6 months. I have been to the range twice a week and try to get out once a month. These things are indestructible. I saw these when I was working at Dick’s Sporting Goods and wanted to give them a try. One of the things I never had before this was tees.l I hate buying them and always forgot about them. This led me to buying a bunch of 50 cent and 1 dollar bags of tees at the course. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones by the register for slackers like me.Another big thing for me is the size. I like that they are extra long and built for a larger driver.This is a great selling point. Also in regards to the size they are also very thick. It is very difficult to not see it after a drive. I tend to go out to the range when it is dark out. Anyone who has been to a lighted range will tell you it can be difficult to see things outside of the bright area. I have never lost a tee out on the range. They are thick and big enough for me to see it even when the lighting isn’t great. Another thing that helps is the colors you can get them in. I have red grips,red head covers, red ball markers, and now red tees. They offer them in almost any color you can think of too. From bright yellow to white and anything in between.Since they are a little thicker I have also found it much easier to push the tee into the hard Texas ground. I also enjoy the fact the special resin doesn’t mark up the bottom of my golf club. I recently teed up a ball with a white wood tee and the bottom of my club had a giant mark across the bottom of it. As far as performance goes I have enjoyed a more consistent tee height. The Martini Tee website promises performance gains in terms of distance. I haven’t really seen any performance gains but if I am being honest I also was not looking for it. I do not believe a tee can give me an extra 10 yards. I have never ever really bought the hype most plastic tees provide.


This tee has two major cons. The first being the cost of these tees. For a 5 pack of these tees you are looking at $6.50 plus shipping. I bought these when I needed some extra money to get me to free shipping on Amazon. (yes, I have a Prime account. The item I needed didn’t qualify) I had wanted to try these and decided to give it a go. Like I said they are steep. Another problem I have found is they go into the ground easy but then stop pretty quickly as well. I cant really use these on a Par 3. This is a little annoying. One thing I will give Martini credit for is the fact they have come out with a 2 inch tee for this very problem.



I know these tees can be expensive. 8 bucks for 5 tees is crazy. I also want you to think about the amount of tees you have broken the past 6 months. Also think about how much you have spent on tees in the last 6 months. In that time I have lost 0 tees and have broken 0 tees. This product is worth it. It may sound crazy but this has actually helped me enjoy the game more. I no longer have to stop at the store to grab tees or burn a dollar at the register. I also only have to carry 3 tees. This saves me a ton of space in the golf bag. This may very well be one of the few times where marketing materials speak the truth. Go buy these tees. They provide great consistency and they are truly unbreakable.

Final Score: 95




Setting up for success

A few posts ago, I wrote about the journey of finding a new instructor in a new town. This was a long journey for me. It was filled with indecision and a lot of questioning myself. When I was looking for an instructor I had a few requirements.

  • Be outside. If it wasn’t outside I wanted a high quality simulator or launch monitor
  • Quality Instruction/Past Success
  • Nice Facility
  • Knows,believes,teaches new ball flight laws
  • Video. I prefer V1 because I am used to it.
  • Price

These requirements had me narrow the search down to 2 places. The first one was at the PGA Tour Superstore. The instructor there is a Class A PGA instructor. Unfortunately it was inside and their launch monitor isn’t a Trackman or Foresight. The instructor did use video and it was very nice. They also give you a recording after your lesson. They were running a special and it met the price point I was looking for.

The other option I had was to schedule a lesson down in Houston with my old instructor. I am going down for a wedding in the middle of March. I could schedule something and work with what I knew. The instructor I use there is a former Class A instructor. He let it lapse but he was at one point. I also like the fact that I would be able to hit off grass. I was also excited to work with my original instructor. He knew mys wing and what i was trying to accomplish. We worked well together. I knew how he taught and I really liked it. This facility has V1 as well. It was a little out of my price range but I could do it.

I was ready to make my decision at the end of the weekend. That Saturday was training for the First Tee. It was at a golf facility named The Golf Center at The Highlands. I got there a few minutes early and started walking around. I saw they offered lessons. I took a peek and saw they had V1. I also grab a pamphlet to see how much a lesson was.I saw one of the instructors fit inside of my budget. The instruction seemed to be very good. They had a staff of about 8 instructors. Most were PGA Class A. I decided at that point to look into this facility a little more.

Monday after work rolls around and I decide to call the facility and book my lessons. I decided to book a lesson with Tom Morehart at the Golf Center. I booked on Monday and was set to see him on Thursday after work. I showed up a few minuets early and was handed a ticket with a code. I took this code out to the range servant machine,punched it in, and next thing I knew I was getting 75 golf balls put into my bucket. I trek over to the end of the range to the roped off area labeled “Instruction Only”. I hit a few balls and next thing I know I hear a vice ” Are you Robert?”. I respond yes and  he introduces himself. He then asks me what is going on with my swing and what we need to work on. I respond with my typical miss. I was hitting it thin and because of that I was tending to lose distance and accuracy. He asks me to hit a few shots so he can take a look.

After I hit a few shots he looks at me and basically says I like most of the swing but its your set-up I am not a big fan of. First thing is my grip. This one hurt because I always thought I had a really good grip. My hands were too far apart. I fix that and we address the next issue. The next issue was my arms. My right arms was sitting much higher than my left arm. this showed I was actually wide open with my body.I thought this helped me clear my body but I was wrong. This one took some practice before I got it. The 3rd and final thing we wanted to work on in my set-up was my head. I was tucking it and it was making me stand up a little in my swing.I took a few swings and everything felt weird. after a few swings we head inside to do some video. We look at the new set up on video and everything is looking pretty good. I take a few more swings and we look at them on video. The swing is fairly on plane and everything is looking pretty good. I hit a few thin but I chalk that up to the new set up. We go back outside and work on the follow through. I have finally started making good contact but everything is going out right. At this point Tom wants me to work on hitting a hook. I start taking some half swings and we work on that. I am still hitting it thin but honestly the misses are more consistent. The big thing he tells me is to finish my swing. I keep the thought on finish the swing and next thing i know i am striping 4 irons down the middle of the range. The set up still felt weird but I am starting to get it. I hit my last ball and we decide to go inside and pay for the lesson.

I now know I have a few things I need to get done. I go home and grab a golf club around my house and practice my set up. The next day I decide to spend my Friday night at the driving range. I head on over to a range and spend the next hour working on my set up and finishing the swing. I’m working pretty hard on it. I am starting to see some progress. I am hitting the ball really well.I am still catching it thin at times but they are fewer and far between. The big thing is finishing the swing. When I actively think about that i tend to hit the ball better. I complete my turn and my finish. That helps me drive the ball.

I couldn’t have asked for more in my lesson. I will be going back. I may not do another hour. I will probably do some 1/2 hour lessons. My mind works better that way. All my swings have improved from Driver to Wedge. Next up is trying to figure out how to putt.





Making an Impact

One of my favorite jobs I ever had was a simple 3 month internship with The First Tee of Greater Dallas. One thing I said when I left that internship was I wanted to continue being a part of the organization. With my job situation in Houston never allowed me to do that I have finally got the job situation and schedule stable.

The First Tee was started by the LPGA, Masters Tournament,PGA of America,PGA Tour, the USGA, Shell Oil, and Johnson & Johnson. It was founded in 1997. The First Tee is an organization that teaches 9 core values to kids aged 8- HS Diploma. These 9 values are:

  1. Honesty- The quality or state of being truthful
  2. Integrity- Strict adherence to a standard of value or conduct
  3. Sportsmanship- Observing the rules of play and winning or losing with grace
  4. Respect-To feel or show deferential regard for
  5. Confidence- Reliance or trust
  6. Responsibility- Accounting for one’s actions
  7. Perseverance- To persist in an idea
  8. Courtesy- Considerate behavior towards others
  9. Judgement- The ability to make a decision or form an opinion

The reason I love this organization is because of those 9 values. People who demonstrate these 9 values are usually pretty successful and also good citizens. Every lesson focuses on one of these life values. They teach it through golf. The organization does things like make the kids keep their own scores in games. This teaches honesty,integrity,and responsibility. The golf is important but the life skill is much more important.

Another reason I love this organization is the passion that the employees and volunteers have. Every instructor is excited to be at their job. If they aren’t then they do a heck of a job pretending. Everyone believes we are changing kids lives. Sometimes you are the best adult role model they will have. When I was interning with them the volunteers were always so excited as well. This probably helps the excitement that the employees have as well. They also really believe in the program. A prime example of this is the fact that one of the volunteers in my training class was a former student.

The final reason I love this organization is how much fun I have. I get to spend a few hours around the game of golf. I also get to help a kid get better at golf as well as get better at life. I shouldn’t do it for me but I do. I do it because I have a fun time at it. The dirty secret is I actually get a little better at golf while I am at it. It may not seem like a ton of pressure but when a 9 year old knocks it to within 2 feet on a chip and you got to get inside of that shot so you don’t have to buy him Skittles at the next class you sweat it a little. (I knocked it closer fyi)

If you’re into the game and have a few hours to spare go to a class. They would love the help. Go see what its about. Go have some fun and make a difference in a kids life!

A Crazy Golfing Week

Sorry for disappearing for a week. Ill just say the last week was a crazy one. I will go through it real quick then in later posts this week Ill break each one down.

Saturday 2/6- Went to the orientation for the First Tee of Greater Dallas. It was 2 hours long and we went over how to set up and properly teach the class. I was a summer intern for the First Tee of Greater Houston. It was an awesome summer job and I loved what the organization stands for. I finally got my job and schedule situated so I figured now was as good a time as any to join. Decide to hit some balls afterwards. This was an incredibly frustrating time for me. Everything was thin.

Sunday 2/7- Super Bowl.

Monday 2/8- After talking it over with the wife, who is the most beautiful,funny, and sweetest woman in the world, I decided to book the lesson I talked about a few posts ago. Funny thing was I decided to go with the place the First Tee orientation was held. They had an outdoor range and video capability. Who needs Foresight or Trackman when you can see the actual flight of the ball?!?!?!

Thursday 2/11- Take my lesson. It was a good time and something I will tell you about in a post later this week. Great facility great instruction and I learned a ton!

Friday 2/12- Decide to go to the local golf shop (this will tie in to my Saturday) as well as the range to work on some of the things I learned in my lesson. I head home and mess around with some golf clubs including torching a putter. It turned out ok. Ill show you some pictures soon.

Saturday 2/13-  Show up for the First day of the First Tee. Got told the class I was going to help teach was no longer offered. That was disappointing. I really wanted to help out. With my schedule the next 4 weeks the time on Saturday just wont work for me anymore. Looks like Ill have to wait until Spring session 2. After that I decided to go hit up IKEA and get new pillow. This puts me near a couple of golf stores so I decide why not.Long story short I end up with a Swingbyte 2. I’m like a kid on Halloween. I got a hell of a deal on it. It involved some trading and exchanges and all types of stuff. I cant wait to take it out a few times and give you a true review of it.

Sunday 2/14- Valentines Day. My wife,who again is awesome,pretty, and the best person in the world, was getting back from a bachelorette party so she decided she just wanted to go home and nap. under the guise of giving her a quiet house to take her nap in I decide to go to the range and play with my new toy. For the first time using it I couldn’t believe the actual data. Again I am beyond stoked. I decide to head home and just look at the stats.

As you can see it was a pretty eventful week and I can not wait to go into deeper detail this week with you. after that week, I may take a few days off from golf and just relax. Maybe let my back relax as well.




The Great Driver Showdown

This time of year is a great time of year for a golf equipment nerd like me. All the new stuff is out and its time for me to hit a few drivers. I will readily admit right here I looked at distance and how far off line they were. I also did not get these custom fit or do any adjustments to them. You will not see ball speed numbers nor will you see spin or launch angles. All clubs were 9.5 or 9 degrees with no adjustments. Stock Stiff Shaft.  Everything was stock length. If you have read this blog you know I hate standard length drivers. I will give my thoughts on the feel of each club,sound,distance, looks, and forgiveness. Each driver got 5 quality shots. Ill quit rambling and provide the goods.

Taylormade M1

Sound: Honestly it sounds like every Taylormade driver. Not tingy but not super solid. You can really tell when you hit it well. Nothing offensive. Almost pleasant

Distance: Was getting pretty good distance with this driver. Anywhere from 235 on a mishit but could get it out to 265 when I hit it well. I think lowering some spin and getting the cross weight set correctly would probably get it out there a little more

Feel: Using the sock shaft here was a mistake. I dont know why but it felt terrible. It felt like a noodle on the end. I couldn’t hit a thing with it. I even tried to cheat and grab an x flex just to see if the shaft felt any better. It didn’t feel any better. A custom fit would be much better. It helps Taylormade is offering free shaft upgrades. If they wern’t it wouldn’t even be an option.

Forgiveness: I know it was the shaft but I had no idea where the ball would be going. I tried cuts and draws. It would be a slice and a snap hook. In terms of distance forgiveness it was just OK. Non center hits did have a noticeable loss of distance.

Looks: This thing looks bad ass. It looks like a Stormtrooper. If it didn’t perform as poorly as it did it would be much higher.

Mizuno JPX EZ

Sound: Solid. Shots in the center sound great. Shots not in the middle still sound really good. Not at the top of my list but pretty good overall.

Distance: This driver went about 230 most of it carry. The problem with this driver was the spin. It spun like a top. I’m talking 3500 rpms. It spun a lot and launched high. Not exactly what you’re looking for when creating maximum distance

Feel: Kind of the same thoughts as sound. These typically go hand in hand. I liked how it felt on good and bad shots

Forgiveness: It was weird because when I had mishits the ball actually went further. It was because I was actually getting lower spin. The forgiveness in terms of shot shape was pretty good. It was difficult to really hit a banana ball. I liked it.

Looks: It ain’t pretty. What you may not be able to see on the picture is the blue swirls on the edges of the crown. I’m not sure if they were trying to make you think it looked smaller but I just couldn’t like it.

Callaway XR16 

Sound: Really good. Had a slight metallic but still solid sound. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good sounds on mishits as well. Not as good but good nevertheless.

Distance: This thing went and went and went. It flew a mile and rolled a mile as well. went about 255 each time. It was consistent. I love that. I don’t need a driver that goes 295 one shot and 235 another.

Feel: Solid. The ball felt like it exploded off the face. It almost felt so fast I would have lost it off the face on a course. It was great on mishits as well.

Forgiveness: It went on good shots and on bad. It would throw in the occasional slice but I think that was more of a user error.

Looks: The flat black looks just OK. I am most disappointed by that. I know they worked with Boeing on aerodynamics but it still wasn’t too bad. Honestly i have spray painted a driver before that looked only a little worse than this

Ping G

Sound: It is terrible. Plain and simple. LOUD. My dad played a Hibore (for some reason) this weekend and even though it is known as one of the loudest drivers ever this was just as bad.

Distance: It was just OK. Was going about 245-250. I think if I had the LS Tec I probably could squeeze out a few more yards.

Feel: Again it goes hand in hand with sound. I would have to say it felt OK but I could not get over the sound.

Forgiveness: I couldn’t hit a hook or slice with the thing which is very good. It felt like the club was longer than the others. I like the fact It went a good ways and stayed straight. Whenever I hit it badly it went straight and flew decent. I did lose yards but it didn’t kill me.

Looks: The turbulators didnt bother me last year. This year with the webbing on the crown they are kind of pushing it. Online I didn’t hate it but in store it is really noticeable. I wish it could have been a little more subtle. One thing i will always give Ping credit for is the fact that they don’t care about looks and only performance.

Cobra King LTD

Sound: Good lord I couldnt imagine a driver feeling any better. It was very solid. I loved it. I could hit it all day. It was incredible feeling no matter where on the face I hit it.

Distance: The club was low spin and high launch. It went 260-270 on every shot. If you want distance this club will provide it.

Feel: Solid. It felt solid. It was incredible. the muted sound combied with the special crown from space and stuff made it feel great.

Forgiveness: This is where it took a little hit. It really felt like a bad swing would put a bad result on the bad but that is pretty standard. On off center hits I would lose some spin and the ball wouldn’t get the carry I needed.

Looks: Can I get it in not Orange? Too UT for me. I love everything about this driver except that Orange. I like Rickie but can he go away to get rid of the Orange.

Nike Vapor Pro

Sound: Metallic but nothing bad. I could take it out on the course and no one would be offended.

Distance: The “Cavity’ in the back really pushes that CG forward and gets you the high launch low spin everyone is looking for. This produced some great distances for me. It reminded me of the Covert Tour. Keep on making drivers like this and you will keep putting out winners Nike.

Feel: Nice and solid ball felt like it really came off the face quickly. I liked it a lot. Nike has been producing some winners lately.

Forgiveness: The ball went far.On mishits its didnt go as far. the hook machine showed up as did the slice. It wasnt great in terms of keeping it on the fairway. Im sure if I put it on the correct setting I could get this rectified.

Looks: As much as I want to hate this its very difficult to hate it. Although its not good looking by any means it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. I think it is ugly but because I thought it was going to be hideous I like it more than I normally would.

Its time to give the final rankings:

  1. Cobra King LTD
  2. Callaway XR16
  3. Ping G
  4. Nike Vapor Pro
  5. Taylormade M1
  6. Mizuno JPX EZ

The King LTD wins simply for the feel. I saw great results in terms of distance and forgiveness. The shaft felt shorter than the others and I still hit it really well. Going into this I didnt think the XR16 was going to get much love from me but it REALLY surprised me. It was very close to getting the top spot. Maybe with a different shaft I can get the M1 higher but base don all stock everything it just wasn’t there. I really wanted to like it based on its looks but just couldn’t. Let me know what you think! I hope to add a few more to this post at a later time when I get a chance to hit them.



New City New Teacher

So as I said about my round on Sunday at Cowboys. I shot pretty high but didn’t care. I dont care about shooting high THAT round. I do care about shooting high most of the time. That leads me to The Quest.

The Quest is the search for an instructor.This is when I wish I still lived in the H. I would just trek on over to Swanson Golf Center ( and get a lesson from an instructor who helped me get to this point.He took me from a high to mid 90’s player to a high 70’s to mid 80’s. If you really want more info shoot me an email and I can give you recommendations. I would love to have him take a look and tell me a couple of drills to do. I really liked the way he taught and it worked with how I learned. I am also struggling because I don’t feel I need an overhaul. I feel I need a tune up.

Since moving to Dallas, I have gotten multiple jobs and have finally found one that affords me the opportunity to get a few lessons and play golf more than once every few months. Today I started on the quest to find my Dallas version of my Houston instructor. Looking online only is very tough. Its hard to know how an instructor performs or teaches. I know what I’m looking for in an instructor and I know what technology he MUST have. I want an instructor with access to V1 and if it is an indoor instructor either Trackman or Flightscope. I really want an accurate simulator. I also need a “new school” instructor. I need an instructor who believes in the physics of the golf swing. I want the instructor to believe in the “new” ball flight laws. I know this may seem a little picky but it is what I expect. I think I have it down to 3 places. Tomorrow I will be stopping by one of these places and I made a stop today at another. It will be an adventure. Like I said its The Quest. Ill gladly keep you updated on who I find and how it works out!