Last Day of the PGA Merchandise Show

Well guys this will be the last update on things coming out of Orlando. Obviously with things kind of winding down nothing crazy new or breaking has come out today. A few things I have noticed this week that I have not mentioned yet are

Golf Pride SNSR Grips- This seems to be the non-tapered grip for me. I really like the idea of the Super Stroke. I like the oversize and I like the non-taper but good god I HATE the foam feeling it has. I love the feeling of the golf grip. Give me the rubber feeling in my grip dang it! This is a non-taper (they will make a pistol shaped taper version as well) grip made with rubber not some foam plasticy feeling material. Im excited. The biggest drawback is the color scheme. More of that damn Volt color. When will that ugly color disappear from golf. I hate it. I hate it on Nike I hate it on the new Super Stroke Grips. I hate it everywhere. I will probably keep my Red (Go Coogs!) Pure Big Dog for now


Next item is the US Kids Golf Booth- Not much to say on this except US Kids makes the best stuff for kids especially at the price point. I love it and rather than cut down an old club for your kid and screw up the weight and his swing buy him or her one of these clubs. Grab a wedge or an iron. Its fantastic.. Do it. Just do it. They fit base don height not age. Everything is color coded to make it easy too.  They even have a tour series set for “better players”




That’s it for the show guys! Be on the look out for some new posts this weekend as well. I will venture away from equipment and discuss me actually playing the game. One of the courses I have wanted to play since moving up here is Cowboys Golf Club. Well for Christmas my Mom bought  My Dad and I a round to play. I guess it was father son bonding time gift. Well Dad wants to play on Sunday so we are going to use our Christmas rounds. I’m super excited and expect some pictures as well as a review of the course.



PGA Merchandise Day 3

Day 3 has been a kind of slow day in terms of things that have come up. There were a few things  Lets take a look…

I just regripped my clubs (it was a disaster and a story I promise to tell after the show)and I saw something that caught my eye that made em a little upset I already regripped. We got a new grip from Golf Pride. It is a new co-op between them and Game Golf. Game golf is one of the coolest things Ive ever seen in regards to golf. It will track your stats and your distances by having a sensor attached to the butt end of every club. One of the drawbacks I have heard about the game golf is that those sensors will sometimes pop off and you lose it. Well Golf Pride has fixed this by making it go inside of the actual grip. Its genius. It even tells you when you need to regrip. MY GOD THIS IS AWESOME!!!! I need this in my life. I need a Game Golf and I need this grip.

There is a wedge company that has shown up that I havent seen before. They may not be new but it is my first time seeing it, Its name is Grindworks Japan ( these things are gorgeous. Offering 10 different grinds of the sole gives you choices with out being overly complicated. I like them all and wouldnt hesitate putting one in the bag. I mean look at this thing!


Like I said I kind of like the weird training aids and I haven’t really mentioned anything weird. That was changing as soon as I saw this…..


This is the Holeout brand AntiSway Pro.( It locks onto your leg and prevents you from swaying. Swaying causes loss of power and makes you chunk it and thin it. Which I have been dealing with and OH MY GOD THIS IS THE SECRET! Between this and the training aid from yesterday I am gonna have t shut this website down pretty soon because the quest will be over…..wait….I still cant putt…. Never mind. The quest continues.


Day 2 at the Merchandise Show

A couple of new things made their debuts today. First off we have huge news regarding the Olympics this year. As we all know Golf makes its return to the games and Adidas/ Taylormade Golf. They usually make great apparel. Here is a picture of the new “uniforms”

Adidas Uniform

That picture is courtesy of Golf Digest. Now let me say I want all of this in my closet ASAP. The shoes are spot on the polo is awesome with the American flag on it. The Polo in the background is amazing. Lets talk about the new shoes. They are perfect and I would never see those pants at the golf store and say ” I need those” until now. They are spectacular. Look at that bag in the background too! Dont forget that sweet headcover as well. 10/10 Adidas well done!

The next item I wanted to talk about is the new Odyssey Toe Up Putter.  Is it the prettiest thing in the world? I don’t think its terrible looking but why don’t you take a look and decide.


I am a terrible putter. Like god awful. I am willing to do just about anything. I would even be willing to give this a shot. The club is unorthodox because unlike most putters that have toe hang this putter has a toe that hangs up (hence the name) This means it will work for both Straight back-Straight Thru people and people who have an arc in their putts. Odyssey is never scared to take a risk. They will do some crazy things if they believe it will make you a better putter. I mean if I am being honest this cant be worse than the Flip Face right?

Another cool item I saw today was the Golf Slot Machine. I was intrigued enough to head over to their website Apparently it has been around a while but I am just now seeing it. Take a look for yourself

Slot machine

Put the ball at 1. Then put the club at 2. Take it back for step 3. Follow the blue on step 4. I gotta work on the wife to convince her that spending 90 bucks on this is a good idea so I can write a review about it.

Well guys Ill see you tomorrow for day 3!


Highlights From PGA Merchandise Show Demo Day

I obviously cant go through everything that I saw pictures of today but I can give you some of the very interesting clubs and news that has come out of day 1


  1. New Ping Anser Putters– They are celebrating the Ansers 50th birthday with a classic remake. It looks amazing. It has the TR Grooves. I cant really putt with plumbers neck putters but I may have to snag one of these just because of how good it looks
  2. Scotty Cameron Putters– I havent been too keen on his newest releases the past few years. I LOVE his old stuff. Carbon Scotty is best Scotty. That being said I dont hate these. Goes back to some classic looks. He has added in a new “insert”. He calls it an inlay not an insert…..  Its a damn insert. Hard to justify the price of $379 when you are entering into a CUSTOM Edel and mannkrafted putter
  3. Odyssey Works RX– This has been a good year for putters. The Works line was one of my favorites last year..I loved how they looked and boy did they get that ball rolling. This year they have focused on the feel of the putter by reoving the silver insert with the metal X grooves and have decided to incorporate that into the actual white hot insert. To regain some of the characteristics of the metal x they have decided to add a special paint that has quite a bit of surface texture.
  4. Toulon Putters– These are interesting. Nice classic shape to them. Adjusted weight plate on the bottom as well. This company was started by a former Taylormade VP. Hopefully they can stay around.


  1. King Cobra Utility– This one is a game changer for me. Its a driving iron (which is my favorite type of hybrid) but it can be adjusted. This should be a bigger story than it is. I love this. A hollow driving iron…. I love how they hit a low piercing flight more so than a hybrid. Imagine tuning one up perfectly. Man I love it!
  2. Hogan Hybrid– Looks like my Adams Hybrid. Sign me up please!


  1. Taylormade M2 Driver– Remove the adjustabilty of the weights and lower the price by 100 bucks. Not a bad game plan.

Other Goods

  1. The Golf Board– Its a new kind of golf cart. I believe Spieth was riding one in Abu Dhabi. Just really cool. Would love to get one out on a course
  2. Oban Steel Shaft– Ill be honest with you. I dont know much about it. If it plays like anything like their wood shafts…count me in
  3. Biion Footwear- Im not sure the story on these or anything else. All I know is they look kind of cool
  4. Epson M Tracer– Epson (yes the company that makes printers) has a golf swing analyzer. Sounds fun to jack around with. Hopefully it works as well as a swingbyte.
  5. Swing Click– It is a tempo trainer that looks like a pen. It looks like it has a sliding weight inside that goes click to click. Interesting concept.

Hopefully this stuff will start hitting stores soon enough and I can get my hands on it. If you want me to try and find something let me know. Ill try to get my hands on it and give you a slight review.

PGA Merchandise Show

This is honestly one of my favorite weeks of the year. That being said I am not going to the show (one day…) but I will be going through various sites that do make it out there and I will post throughout the day when I see something interesting. I will give my thoughts on the product and how it may help us. I will put up new posts with things I see.  My favorite part of the show isnt all the new clubs. Its all the fun gadgets that get shown. Again be on the lookout for some fun things.

Sorry For Disappearing

Hey guys,

So I started this blog with the hopes of updating at least weekly. I apologize I failed at that. I had some VERY serious personal issues that have since be resolved. Like I have said before I hope to keep you updated with all the latest and greatest golf equipment reviews as well as up to date on my quest for scratch. I apologize again and hope you come back and read often!