Headed to the PGA Merchandise Show

One of the biggest weeks of my year occurs in late Janurary. The golf equipment world converges on Orlando to put on the PGA Merchandise show. Every manufacturer who does anything in golf is at the show.

A long time coming

The first time I heard of the golf show was around 2012. I couldnt stop following all of the media pictures. It was awesome to see all of the new stuff. I also loved reading peoples thoughts on the new clubs. The demo day seems like a playground for me. A chance to hit the clubs Ive been looking at for months PLUS some awesome things I didnt even know existed. As I covered the show last 2 years for this blog and the previous version The Quest for Scratch I told my wife I would be at one of these.

Its Happening

A few months ago I decided to take a look at the website and see if I couldnt find a way to grow my blog with coverage of the show from Orlando. I looked at the requirements and I saw  blogs were allowed. The only caveat was it had to meet content and frequency requirements. I took a shot in the dark and emailed the media contact. She asked for my site info and a few weeks later. She responded I was approved! I freaked out and had to email my wife. Right after that I looked into flights and saw they were inexpensive. About a month after the flights were booked, registration opened. I sent in my application and 2 hours later I was officially approved.


At the show I hope to accomplish a few things. I want to get the best pictures and information of all the big name brands. I will be at the big announcements for Ping, Cobra, Taylormade, and Titleist. Some of these companies have already released their products and we have seen it but the show always provides a few surprises. The other big thing I want to accomplish is building some great relationships with a few of the “smaller” brands. The plan is to show you the items you dont see on tour but can help your game. I will show training aids, clubs, and even some fashion.

I cant wait until Jan 22. Its going to be one of the greatest weeks of my life. Comment and tell me something youd like to see! I want to do coverage that makes you the reader happy. This is one of my dreams but I want you to enjoy the coverage.

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