Golf Buddy & Blast Motion

Lets move away from clothing and move on to some hard goods. I have mentioned a bunch of times before how much I love technology. I really think it can make a huge difference in someones golf game. The two companies I plan on writing about today are leaders in golf technology.

Golf Buddy

Golf Buddy is one of the leaders of golf GPS technology.  They have small handheld GPS devices as well as large full color screen devices. My favorite product they offer is the Voice. Its a small GPS unit that will actually read out the yardage to the front,center, and back to the golfer. It will also read out yardages to hazards. Not having to look at the screen will save some time. It also prevents golfers from having to walk around aimlessly on the course trying to find a sprinkler head. All these can help speed up a round.

This information can also prove to be incredibly useful. If a golfer is depending on a sprinkler and their best guess on a walk off distance can end up terribly. It could cost a penalty stroke. It can leave a golfer short or long. All the info golfers can get will be useful. These may not but legal for tournaments but pro golfers have a caddy to walk of these distances before a tournament.  The GPS can be used in a practice round to help lay it out before a tournament.

Not many of us play in tournaments though. Most of us go out with our friends and play on Saturday. If thats all you do then by all means use it with no consequence just make sure you ask your playing partners. Hell half the time they are going to ask you for the distance anyways.

Blast Motion

Blast Motion is a sensor that attaches to the back of the club. It will track the motion of the club. It attaches to an app that will track your tempo and how the club is moving.  Another great feature is the video recording feature. When golfers open the app they can set up their phones to record and it will do it automatically.

When I was out at the Byron Nelson I saw these all over the place. Their reps were talking to reps all over the place. The players seemed to like the information they were receiving. I personally hope more coaches start incorporating things like this in their teaching. Combining this with video could be very eye opening. Maybe the instructor is seeing something on video and using this club tracking he could figure out exactly where it went wrong.


Final Thoughts

Like I said, I love technology and these two companies can really get golfers moving in the right direction. Technology that can really help golfers is becoming more and more affordable.  Getting the golf buddy on the course will help with course management and the Blast Motion sensor will help get swings straightened out!

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