Getting the most bang for your buck

Last year I decided to do a series on how to get your equipment on the cheap. I wanted to help you out a little more this year and do a series on the brands to look for when you go out and use my tips. These brands will be the best equipment for the lowest cost.

Today we start with Cobra. Cobra is one of the larger companies in the golf world. This is what makes them so surprising as a company that produces clubs that don’t hold their value. The biggest thing with Cobra golf clubs is the fact they produced some not so great clubs through the years and it scares people away from Cobra. I will say the last 4-5 years Cobra has made some real quality clubs. The rejuvenation of Cobra really began with the Bio-Cell line. The Bio-Cell irons were ok. They didn’t knock anyone away but they most certainly were serviceable. They were just as good as anything else any other manufacturer was putting out.

The tricky part with buying Cobra gear is making sure you don’t see the Cobra name and just buy. Like I said they have really put out some bad stuff. The easy way to tell if it is one of the newer lines is the colors. The moment Cobra brought in Rickie Fowler was the moment they really started pumping out great gear. Before you buy something from Cobra just look up what colors it came in. Can you order it in Orange? If you can, buy it if the price is right.

How do you know if the price is right? There are a ton of great resources. The best one is the PGA Tour Value guide. This uses the sold listings on eBay to tell you about what the clubs will sell for. Another great resource is Golfwrx Classifieds (Also a place to buy clubs). Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

I love newer Cobra golf clubs. They look good and the play even better. Everything they make from their drivers all the way to their wedges are quality. Where you can really get a good deal is in the irons. They don’t hold their value but most people who get them refuse to give them up. You don’t see many used Cobra iron sets. Tomorrow we look at another company that will give you great value in your search for good equipment. Happy Hunting!

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