Fujikura Pro 2.0 Shaft

Over the past few years one of the best looking and performing shafts has been the Fujikura Pro. Its bright colors and bold graphics were easy to spot. I think it really helped boost its popularity. Lets also not forget that the shaft actually performed.

Its time for round two

After a few years of research Fujikura finally has a shaft they believe is more consistent. The shaft has more modern materials .What this means is a more efficient loading zone which allows the shaft to store more energy. What that means to you is more speed and longer drives. It also has less torque which can result in straighter drives.

The price for the shaft is $225 for the standard and $250 for the tour version. I know that probably a little rich but if you bought a M1 a few years ago and are getting the itch for a new driver instead of that try putting a new shaft in it. I can also support Fujikura because of the technology they use in developing their shafts.

“Like all of our shafts, the PRO 2.0 has been designed utilizing enso®, a 3D motion-capture technology that no one else in the shaft industry has,” said Alex Dee, Vice President at Fujikura Composites America. “This technology and advanced data analytics has allowed us to crack the code on how club performance and ball flight are affected by shaft characteristics and swing type. When we compared to the original PRO, we saw the 2.0 was significantly easier to swing, had tighter shot dispersion, and lower spin to deliver the club head with more power, control and distance. We were thrilled with the result.”

Performance and looks

Fujikura kept the blue and white theme with the 2.0. The blue will signify the standard model and the white will signify the tour model. Another cool feature of upgraded shafts is the wide range of weights and flexes. You should be able to find a shaft that works for you with no problems.

More information on the shaft can be found on the Fujikura website. They can also be purchased at over 600 Fujikura dealers across the country.


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