First Look: Taylormade M4

We got another sneak peak at a driver on Friday when some pictures of the new M4 driver from Taylormade snuck onto instagram. If you know anything about cars the paint scheme of the M4 driver logo will look familiar.

Co-Branding Opportunity

The first thing I noticed when I saw the new logo  was how familiar it looked. I couldnt quite put my hand on it but it dawned on me about 10 minutes later. THATS THE BMW COLOR SCHEME FOR THE M4! Now with things being so close I wouldnt be surprised to see Taylormade call this the “Ultimate Driving Machine”… I wont apologize for that joke. In all seriousness I could see this being a good co-branding opportunity. The golf and luxury car markets tend to attract the same clientele.

Hammerhead Technolgy

I got nothing on what this is or what it means. It looks like they removed the moveable weights in the M4 but this could be a replacement for the M2 which didnt have any weights. We should get more info soon. As soon as I see it I will let you know!

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