First Look: Footjoy Tour S

Last year Footjoy had tremendous success with the Tour S/L. To see a spikeless shoe gain so much traction on tour really surprised a lot of people. Spikeless shoes arent exactly known for the traction and stability tour players demand. This made Footjoy curious if they could build a more stable shoe while maintain the comfort of the S/L.

Introducing the Tour S

With this shoe the word will be stability.  The goal they had was to make the most stable shoe ever. With the Tour-S they have succeed. The sole has what Footjoy is calling the Power Plate. It gives a rigid and stable base for a golfer to use to generate maximum swing speed. Attached to the Power Plate are the Launch Pods. Launch pods are a cleat bed that is designed to improve…stability. When looking from above the pod actually sticks out from  the side of the shoe.  The wider the base the more stable something is. Footjoy also knew that part of a shoe sticking out could be distracting. To combat this they made it translucent so it kind of blends into the ground and becomes a little invisible. It helps with the general look of the shoe.


Is it comfortable?

Footjoy also isnt stupid. If the shoe isnt comfortable you wont buy it and you wont wear it. They know in a stability shoe they are going to have to work hard to make sure they cover all the ridgeness with a great feel. To start they have used spikes with a little give. The CHAMP spikes do give a little on harder surfaces. The shoe is lighter than their other stable shoes. The launch pods are on the plate that is made from a lighter material that is use din soccer cleats. The shoes also feature a nifty little “Power Strap” that wraps around the shoe. When you tie the shoe it closes in tightens the shoe and provides…stability. Inside the shoe golfers will find a nice insole with a firm heel cup to keep your foot locked in. The rest of the insole is nice soft cushion. All of this is wrapped into a nice premium Pittards leather.

Final Thoughts

I got to try these on at demo day and I have to say I came away impressed. The Footjoy booth was one of my favorites. They are really pushing golfers to get fit properly for shoes. Their research shows gains in accuracy and distance when fit properly. I got fit and found out i was wearing the wrong size all these years. I tried on the correct size and they felt great

The show will retail for $249.95 for standard laces and $279.95 for the BOA lacing system.  They will come in all black, all white, white and blue, and white and gray.

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