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I wanted to do some writeups on some great companies and products that i found interesting and that I think you should be on the look out for. The first is a company named Evolve Golf.  Among their items are Epoch tees and Motionwool socks.

The History

Since the start of the company it hasnt ever really seemed to be about creating a new product. It has been about making current products better. In 2004 Evolve golf started when they created the worlds first truly compostable golf tee. They were made from plants and actually back yard compostable. The microbes in the ground would actually munch away at them and make them disappear.  They enjoyed a ton of success in year one but it all came crashing down when a competitor came out with an eco friendly tee. Evolve had to…evolve.  3 years later they moved away from compostable tees and decided to use junk plastic. This made the tee very sturdy and almost unbreakable. Since the change, Epoch tees have been seen in the mouths of major winners and at over 1200 country clubs around the nation.

The Products

If you thought Evolve was going to keep doing golf tees and sit back and watch the money roll in are you in for a surprise! Evolve is dipping into the custom metal ball marker and bag tag market. They are also figuring out how to do socks better than anyone else. At the PGA Show I had an opportunity to meet the owner of Evolve golf and he gave me a tour of all the products they currently offer.

Epoch Tees

Lets start with what I would consider their flagship product. The Epoch tee. They make the tee in different sizes, 1.5 2.25 and 2.75 inches. All of these can be custom logo’d with the logo in the cup as well as text along the side. Evolve made some for me and let me tell you besides it being a great tee, it is pretty awesome playing a tee and seeing your own custom logo. I also have to give the tees some credit. I played one round with 3 tees. 1 for Par 3’s and 2 for Par 4’s I only had to replace one when it flew away. None of the tees broke which is something I love. Epoch tees can be bought by anyone in the public.

Custom Ball Markers and Divot Tools

The general public is one avenue they sell but the other market it seems they are really going to put some emphasis on is the green grass accounts. The first way they will do this is by creating custom ball markers,bag tags, and divot tools, through the EC2 Metals line. This line is completely hand forged into a custom shape. I saw a ball marker shaped like an arrow head. A bag tag with a club logo on it. There was another ball marker with the Epoch head in the middle. It is all very nice and not cheap feeling at all.

I think this is a perfect thing for clubs to offer to their members and guests. Almost every club has a cheap plastic ball marker..This gives clubs a real chance to stand out. Not only will the ball marker be great as branding but a nice custom divot tool will help keep the course in good shape.  I got a ball marker at the show with HFB stamped on it. I used it this past weekend. It is large enough to see across the green. While this is a benefit it is also an issue if you stick it close. I know my favorite divot tool (besides the one my wife bought me) is a nice metal l one I got from Sterling Country Club. I dont even have to look in my bag to know its name. That my friends is quality advertising.

Motion Wool Socks

The other big product from Evolve is their Motionwool socks. The idea came when one of the executives from Evolve heard of a company named Freaker. They were doing some really cool things with Koozies. They were almost making a sock to put around a beer to keep it cool.  This inspired the exec to run to the founder Benjamin and suggest Evolve create some socks. Benjamin shot it down quickly. That was until he started to train for a marathon. He tried wearing some performance golf socks to go running and when he ran in the cold and the rain he quickly found out they wernt going to last. Then someone mentioned Wool.

He grabbed a pair of wool golf socks and after about 3 miles he figured out they wernt the answer either. He tried some performance wool running socks and they were perfect. It was at that moment Benjamin thought “Why doesnt anyone do this for golf. Enter the Motionwool sock. Evolve has taken the wool running sock and made it suitable for golf. They have added mesh venting to the top of the sock to make it breathable. He has also added compression around the arch of the foot to keep feet comfortable. He also wanted to make sure the socks lasted. The only real boast i heard from Benjamin at the show was when he said a PGA Professional came up to him and said ” I have worn your socks 40 times”. It shoes the quality of the sock Evolve is providing as well.

After getting a pair I cant say I disagree with them being a comfortable sock. The compression fits right and they really do breathe. The coolest part of the sock is the fact country clubs can put their logo on the socks as well. This is a great opportunity to really wow folks at a member guest tournament.  Evolve has some nice boxes that they customize and put logos on. My box came with a pair of socks and some tees with the blog logo. It was a cool package that would feel awesome getting at a special tournament.

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The biggest take away I have with the products is the over the top ability to go custom with everything they offer. Everything from custom tees, custom ball markers, custom divot tools, and even custom socks. They are bringing a custom experience to golf equipment.

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