Canoos Shoes and Brrr Clothing

The first in our series of previews for the PGA show starts with Canoos and Brrr Clothing. Both manufacturers are producing items that are interesting

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Canoos Golf Shoes

If you are anything like me you own a pair of Sperry’s and they are the most comfortable shoe you wear. They are incredibly versatile. They go fine with everything. You can dress them up and you can wear them with casual outfits. Canoos mission was to bring that comfort and style to the golf course. I have to say the shoes look great. The spikes stand out and they seem like they will have good grip. These would be a perfect car shoe. I would put these in the car for those after work rounds or those quick sessions at the range on the way home. Canoos has 4 different shoes so you should be able to find a pair that fits your style.

In addition to the shoes Canoos makes some very good looking shirts as well. I am particularly a fan of the Canoos big logo shirt. I love the logo and think it looks great on a shirt. The polo looks great as well. I cant wait to see these in person. They have been getting positive media coverage the last few years and I hope the hype is worth it!

brrr clothing

Brrr’s got some great technology. The purpose is to build clothing that will keep golfers cool. For me this is a big one. When August hits in Dallas I am ready for anything that will help keep me cool. They have studies that show that their technology will keep golfers up to 3 degrees cooler. If they can do what they say they do plus make some good looking clothes they just might have a real winner. Itll be interesting to see who they partner with and how they are incorporating this technology.



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