Building a Bag Under $100

A few weeks/months back I did a post on how to build your bag. One of my readers/friends told me he enjoyed it but gave me an idea. He told me the post helped but it didnt go deep enough. He needed tangible ideas. I took this as a challenge and wanted to do a series on it. I will be doing a $100, $200, $250, $500, $750, and $1000 challenge. Today I will start with the most difficult one.

When building a bag of clubs for $100 I assume a few things. First, I assume the bag will be for a newbie. This bag will be for someone who wants to go to the range and see if they want to “stick with it”.  The bag will be very low frills and wont have some things. With a $100 bag a person will only need the basics. A set of irons, sand wedge, putter, and driver.


We start off with the driver. Every serious golfer needs a Titleist in their bag somewhere (I dont but whatever).  This driver is not the newest technology by any means but it is considered one of Titleist’s greatest “woods”. It was ahead of its time in terms of performance. Many people still play the 975 because they prefer the smaller head and get great results with it. A perfect club to take to the range and have at it!

Cost: $14


Look, I am not going to sit here and try to bullshit you into believing these irons will change your life. They wont I promise. What they will do is get you to the range. The irons will help you get the ball in the air consistently. They will work great for you. Buy these and go spend some money on range balls and a lesson. Id rather see a person play these and struggle than show up with the newest Titleist blade and struggle.

Cost: $40

Sand Wedge

I actually played the Taylormade RAC wedge when I firs tmoved away from my beginner box set. Its a great wedge. It sets up nicely behind the ball. I could make almost any shot I wanted with this club. Anytime I see one I am tempted to buy it. Back in its day it was a top of the line club. I did notice that this one was an inch and a half over length. While thats not a good thing itll be manageable.

Cost: $14


I wont lie to you, when I first saw this putter for this price I was half tempted to buy the thing myself. These Never Compromise putters had a cult following. They feel great. The black and silver color is well known.  Of all the clubs I have listed this is the one that has the best chance of staying in your bag and being upgraded last. Putters dont advance much in technology like a driver does.

Cost: $20

How did I do?

$14+40+14+20= $88

Not too shabby. Throw in shipping for $6. That gets us right around the $100 mark. Take your remaining $6 and go buy some tees so you can hit driver!


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