Buffalo Agency and EZ GO

Lets start week 2 off with a bang. In one week I will be on a plane heading to Orlando for the Show! We have some last minute meeting previews as well as some previews for the general show. Its going to be an exciting 2 weeks so get ready!

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Buffalo Agency

Ill be honest before Buffalo Agency reached out to me I had 0 idea who or what they did.  I had never really heard of them. When I started to look over the list of clients they were showing I knew I had to get in. With a client list of 18Birdies, Arccos, Chase54, ECCO, Galvin Green, GolfTec, GVC PGA Value Guide, K-MOTION, Seven Dreamers, Swannies, Tagmarshal, ThorGaurd, TopTracer, TecTecTec, Under Armour Eyewear, Youth on Course they are major players in the game.

I have my eyes on a few of their clients in particular.  Last year Arccos brought some ground breaking tech in the way of a caddie system to help you on the course.  TopTracer is the shot tracing technology you see on PGA broadcasts.  TecTecTec is a inexpensive rangefinder company. Readers know I love to find great value products and this may a great product to check out! ECCO usually makes some of the most comfortable shoes money can buy. Some of their designs can be a little “edgy” but I think performance is more important than style. This should be an interesting tour and should get a lot of great information to share.

EZ GO Golf Carts

This was the first product to reach out and want to do a meeting. While I dont personally have a ton of interest in golf carts I wanted to take the meeting and see what kind of technology us weekend golfers can expect at our local course. I may not be buying my own cart soon but I do like to see how they plan on making my life easier on the course. If youve never had a bad cart experience then you dont understand how important one is. Also I know people are probably saying “Just walk!”. This isnt a resonable request in July and August. I know its possible but if I do that it knocks me out the whole day. When it is 100+ degrees its not possible to drink enough water. Maybe all carts from now on will have that sweet USB port in the center console. Maybe we can finally get rid of gas carts.  One can only hope right?


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