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Im not sure why but this year my golf obsession has been inexpensive Urethane covered golf balls. I have tried almost everyone you can imagine.  As I was scrolling through Instagram one day I came across a newer company that was claiming the “Best Damn Golf Ball Under 20 bucks.” This obviously caught my attention. After doing a little bit of research I reached out to the company and ended up speaking with the founder of Cut Golf Co, Sam

Inspiration Strikes

Inspiration can come anytime and any place. It can come from something simple and for Sam the idea for Cut Golf Co was no different. Sam was working on learning to hit a cut at the time. He was going out to play Strawberry Farms golf course and decided since he was working on his game maybe a 4 dollar golf ball wasnt the best idea.  He loaded up a couple of range balls and hit the course.

“It was funny, I was playing a tour golf ball and I noticed when I hit the range ball I was getting the same performance with my driver and irons” Sam said, “Now obviously I put down a non-range ball when I was chipping but thats when it hit me”

It was at that moment when Sam started to reach out to vendors overseas to see if making ” the best damn golf ball under 20 bucks” was possible

Testing Testing Testing

After deciding on a plant to make his golf ball it was time to get some in the hands of testers.  The factory sent some duds, but ultimately they found one testers really liked.

“If I would send 10 golf balls” Sam said jokingly ” and I would get back 15 responses.”

After finding the one he liked it became time to put the Blue line into production

The Future of Golf Marketing

Cut Golf Co is changing how some companies are reaching their market. Quite often Cut Golf hears that noone sells anything on Instagram. To that Cut Golf laughs because that is how they do most of their selling. Having a large presence on social media has also allowed Cut golf to reach a demographic that has traditionally been VERY difficult to reach, younger golfers. While the initial idea to use social media was born through necessity it has turned out to be a huge win for them.

Sam will also be very honest when he says that they are targeting a younger audience.

“To buy into Cut Golf you have to be forward thinking” Sam said. “I see friends at the course who play the ProV and I realize they are my friend but they are not my customer”

One of my favorite parts of the brand is the fact they have two social media accounts. One for the brand and the other is run by the “management”. It is a fun way to do things and really allows the management to express the more fun side of golf. Having two accounts though does lead to some challenges.

“Id honestly prefer if we had just one social media account.” Sam argued. “The biggest goal is to make sure everything is staying on message”

It seems like working through social media is helping the brand and dont expect that to change anytime soon. If someone only gets their news through Golf Channel and  Golf Digest dont expect to see the brand there

The Future

I was a little taken a back when Sam told me what he would like to see from the brand in the future. Much to my surprise Sam was very interested in taking Cut Golf to retail. The person Sam has in mind when he wants to go to retail is the guy who gets a call from his buddy Friday night inviting him to go play golf Saturday morning. The guy that when he looks into his bag on Saturday realizes he has no golf balls and takes a big hit at the register on Saturday morning in the Pro Shop. That guy will not be using a Cut Golf ball.

“Look I am an old school guy’ Sam stated ” I am 38 years old and I still like walking in and buying my golf balls”

Sam also knows the best way to build the brand is getting the ball to as many people as possible. Its not a task thats easy but he is doing everything he can.

The Lineup

Cut Golf Co has what appears to be a solid line up from top to bottom. The lineup starts with the ball that started it all, The Cut Blue. This is the companies best selling ball. It is a 4 piece urethane covered golf ball. This will be the one most people will want o compare to your higher end “Tour” golf balls. After getting some feedback from customers wanting a softer golf ball the company recently released the Cut Grey.  This is the 3 piece Urethane covered ball. It will play softer than the Blue. If youre like me and prefer a softer golf ball then this may be the one for you. After the Grey the line up moves to the surlyn options. The Cut White is a 3 piece Surlyn covered golf ball. This wont have the big time spin but the layers will allow the ball to behave a little more like a tour ball. Think along the lines of an NXT or an E6. The final ball in the line up is the Cut Red. This is your basic 2 piece Surlyn golf ball. It got all the makings of a distance ball.

“Its funny though I play the Red.” Sam noted ” I own the company but I reach for the bottom shelf. I can play the blue but the Red just works for me”

Final Thoughts

After spending about 30 minutes on the phone with Sam I have to say I am impressed with his ideas and what Cut Golf is doing. I appreciate the fact that he doesnt say his ball is better. he knows that for some folks it will be better. For some folks it may not be as good. The only goal is to make the Best Damn Golf Ball under $20. I can respect that.

Follow Cut Golf Co at @cutgolf and cutgolf_mgmt on instagram. If you want to try the balls head over to Id suggest getting the sampler pack to find the right ball for you.

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