Asher Golf : Maybe a white glove isnt the answer

When I walked towards the Asher Golf booth I knew I was in for a different experience. There were tons of gloves in various colors. It caught my attention right away.  Before we started the interview we opened some beers and had a conversation.

A hole in the market

The company started in 2009 when the founder noticed golf was designed for a certain type of person. He also realized he wasnt that type of person.  After thinking about it he decided to bring some personality to the golf glove.  He hated going to a golf store and staring at a wall of boring white golf gloves.  There wasnt anything that said a glove had to be white. Unfortunately the dream ended in 2012. After 5 years of “finding themselves” they decided to relaunch the company in March of 2017

Making a high quality product

One problem a company comes across is the pursuit of sales at the expense of the heart of the company.  Before their relaunch they wanted to make sure they could make a top tier Cabretta golf glove while also making the glove fun and inexpensive. To make sure this was possible the team took a 3 week trip to Indonesia.

Asher wants golfers to buy more than one golf glove at a time. The trip to Indonesia allowed them to find a partner who can produce a high quality golf glove at a price that allows them to sell them at a price that will allow people to buy more than one.

Asher offers a few lines of gloves. Their top tier line is 100% premium grade AA cabretta leather. I got to feel them at the show and truly believe they are just as good as anything else. My favorite part of the premium gloves are the pop of color on the thumbs. Every glove has a contrasting thumb and gives it the Asher flair. At $22 its falls in line perfectly with the market.

Their next line is the “Death Grip” Glove.  It features a leather that is perforated to help keep the hand cool.  I am not a skeleton guy but if you are the glove is designed to look like a skeleton hand. Its really cool looking. Its not my style but Ill admit I do like it.  For $16 it is a unique glove and if it fits your personality its nice.

The final mens glove is the Chuck. This is a synthetic leather glove. This is the glove that really fits the mission of Asher in my opinion. There are 9 color options. Everything from a white glove all the way to neon pink.  At $12 a glove you can afford to buy one in every color.

More than gloves

Asher was very clear that they are a golf glove company first and foremost.  With that being said they have begun to release other lines as well. They have begun selling socks, hats, and shirts. All are very high quality and all of them keep up with the “lifestyle brand” image they are cultivating.

Final Thoughts

At a show with thousands of vendors and products this was one of my favorites. I could have purchased anything but I came away with a glove and an Asher hat. The guys were great guys and its a brand I truly feel I could support. Give the items a shot. If youre going to spend time and money trying to look good on the course it may be time to get rid of the crusty white glove you pull out of the bag and finish off the look with an awesome looking golf glove. I like the company and love what they are doing. Next up I am taking the glove for a spin. Look out for a review in a few weeks!

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