A New Year!

First off Id like to wish you and yours a Happy New Year! Its been one year of blogging.  It was a year of growth. I went from 0 readers to a decent amount per day.  Its been fun and I cant wait for year two!

A New Slogan

“Making Golf Equipment Simple for Everyone”

My goal with this blog has always been to make golf equipment easy to understand. Golf companies can make things complicated at times.  They make promises that they sometimes back up. A few of the other golf websites are geared towards better players. All of their reviews and forums tend to skew towards guys who are REALLY good. Another website tends to get very technical with details. They get into the details like where the CG is placed in comparison to another club.

I know you dont swing the club 110 MPH. I know you dont play 5 times a week either. A club that works for a 2 handicap may not work for you. A club that may give you the forgiveness you need may not be the best one for the 2 handicap. I also know you may not care why a club works. All you want to know is if it works. I want you to have the most information possible. I want you to know about all of the big name clubs as well as some of the smaller brands so you go into the golf store knowing as much info as possible.

A big 2018

2017 was the starting year. 2018 is the year the blog gets taken to the next level. It starts out with new releases from Taylormade and Callaway becoming official (Its the M3, M4 and Rogue).

The next week is the PGA Merchandise show. For the first time, I will be attending the show. Anyone who is anyone in the golf equipment world is at this show. I will be at the Demo day and on the show floor everyday. You can also expect interviews with companies. over the next few weeks, I will be doing my show preview post as well as posts going over who I will be meeting with. Id love to hear what youd like covered. It can be clubs, training aids, shoes, clothing,etc.

One of my goals at the show is to get some things in hand to review. I want to get you information you can use to help you make decisions. I also want to expose you to some products you may not have even heard of.

For Christmas I received some things I can use to make the blog even better. You can expect some better product pictures. You can also expect some more videos of clubs and their sounds.

Happy New Year! Heres to a bigger and better 2018!

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