3 weeks of pure craziness

I know I havent been around for 3 weeks. I had to do some traveling for my actual 9-5 job. It wasnt easy to keep up with club releases and posts while I was in Memphis. I was far too busy eating incredible BBQ and ya know, actually working. I also met some great people in Memphis. If anyone tells you to go to Rendezvous dont listen. Go to Central BBQ.

It wasnt all fun in Memphis though. While I was in Memphis I got a call from my wife telling me her Memaw had taken a bad turn and she needed to/ head down to Houston ASAP.  I told her to go down and do what she needed to do. I flew home after the show and waited to hear back. After daily updates Memaw sadly passed away on the Monday before Thanksgiving.  My wife came home Wednesday.  My wife and our roommate made a delicious pumpkin pie and a pumpkin cheesecake. We traveled down to Waco for Thanksgiving. my parents were super excited to. After a day of eating followed by a day of shopping we came home. Things slowed down for a few days until Tuesday

I woke up Tuesday and went to work. My wife picked me up at lunch and we drove down to Rosenburg for the funeral and viewing. We arrived just as the rest of the family was walking into the funeral home. After the viewing we went to some family house sat around and relaxed. We woke up Wednesday and went to the funeral. After the funeral we had lunch. Once the funeral was over it was time to head home

Ending to a hectic week

A big key to a successful marriage is knowing your partner. When my wife is stressed, all she does is quilt in silence. What that means for yours truly is a couple rounds of golf.  To show how fickle golf can be my first round I shot an abysmal 87. Nothing could go right. I hit one into a fairway bunker on a par 5 and had what can only be called one of the worst lies Ive ever experienced. The next weekend I went and shot an 80.  I shot an incredible 38 on the front.  2 over! The back I shot a 42. It wasnt as nice obviously but I was making a lot of good shots.

I know i am falling behind on some news but this week I will catch us up. Ill get deeper into the new limited edition Epic driver, The New Rogue, and Wilson C300!

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